Jonah Raskin Joins Suzanne Lang – September 29, 2019

Dark Day, Dark Night is Jonah Raskin’s sequel to Dark Land, Dark Mirror, where we were first introduced to Private Investigator, or an Op as she likes to call herself, Tioga Vignetta. Like the first novel, Dark Day, Dark Night is set in a place called Sonoma. You’ll recognize some things, but the author knows […]

The transHuman Code and Grandmother Power on A Novel Idea – September 1, 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Heard of it? Maybe not, but I guarantee, you’re living in it. Technology and artificial intelligence, genomics and blockchains infiltrate our banking and economic systems, transportation, our education, healthcare, communication, and every aspect of our lives. Who is managing all this and who is safeguarding us from harm and exploitation? David […]