Two Favorites from 2019 This Month on A Novel Idea (Aired: December 29, 2019)

On this final week of this last month of the decade, we bring you two favorite conversations of this past year.  Both people’s courage, tenacity, and grace inspire. Brian Fies talks about his graphic novel, A Fire Story; also joining Suzanne M Lang in conversation is Ruth L Rotary on her memoir, The Little Girl […]

Peter Mehlman Takes on Gender Politics in his New Book #MeAsWell on A Novel Idea – December 1, 2019

#MeAsWell , a novel by Peter Mehlman takes on gender politics, race, and the ubiquitous control of Social Media on our lives. Mehlman was a sports writer when he began working for legendary sports journalist Howard Cosell. He was also a writer and producer of Seinfeld and joins Suzanne Lang in conversation. Also featured is […]