Chana Porter on A Novel Idea (Aired: August 2, 2020)

Risky authors play with form and defy easy description, and this is the case with two authors who through their radical storytelling take us on a good ride, but with something sound and poignant underlying. The Seep is an alien life form that comes to inhabit humanity in Chana Porter’s quasi-utopian, surreal fantasy, The Seep. Thomas E. Cochrane, a noted geologist has taken a turn into fiction with his twisted detective novel, Entwined.  Join Suzanne M Lang in conversation with playwright and novelist Chana Porter, as well as Thomas E. Cochrane, Sunday, August 2nd at 10 am PT. It’s A Novel Idea on KRCB Northern California Public Media, streaming at undefined.

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(Photos: Courtesy of the author)

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