Journalist and Author Susan Swartz Joins Suzanne on A Novel Idea – January 5, 2020

Death and dementia aren’t all that funny, but really, sometimes they are, especially when we open ourselves up to the conversation.  Journalist Susan Swartz has published her first novel, Laughing in the Dark, that is all about navigating life’s challenges in the company of friends and family. Suzanne Lang talks with Swartz and also talks […]

Two Favorites from 2019 This Month on A Novel Idea (Aired: December 29, 2019)

On this final week of this last month of the decade, we bring you two favorite conversations of this past year.  Both people’s courage, tenacity, and grace inspire. Brian Fies talks about his graphic novel, A Fire Story; also joining Suzanne M Lang in conversation is Ruth L Rotary on her memoir, The Little Girl […]

Peter Mehlman Takes on Gender Politics in his New Book #MeAsWell on A Novel Idea – December 1, 2019

#MeAsWell , a novel by Peter Mehlman takes on gender politics, race, and the ubiquitous control of Social Media on our lives. Mehlman was a sports writer when he began working for legendary sports journalist Howard Cosell. He was also a writer and producer of Seinfeld and joins Suzanne Lang in conversation. Also featured is […]

Roberto Tejada, Plus Russian River Poet Pat Nolan Join Suzanne M. Lang for A Novel Idea – November 3, 2019

Roberto Tejada’s Still Nowhere in an Empty Vastness is expansive in its range: from accounts of conquistador castaway Cabeza de Vaca, to the media spectacle of Elian Gonzalez that initiates us into the exploitation of suffering in the name of politics, which afflicts us to this day, this book of essays and manifestos is a […]

Author and Musician Amy Edwards on A Novel Idea – October 6, 2019

ReInvention! Amy Edwards does it, again and again. From Austin, Texas, Edwards is a musician, hosts a podcast, and now is a novelist with the publication of The Trouble with Becoming a Witch, from She Writes Press. Amy joins Suzanne M. Lang in conversation and we’ll feature some of Amy’s music. The common theme of […]

Jonah Raskin Joins Suzanne Lang – September 29, 2019

Dark Day, Dark Night is Jonah Raskin’s sequel to Dark Land, Dark Mirror, where we were first introduced to Private Investigator, or an Op as she likes to call herself, Tioga Vignetta. Like the first novel, Dark Day, Dark Night is set in a place called Sonoma. You’ll recognize some things, but the author knows […]

The transHuman Code and Grandmother Power on A Novel Idea – September 1, 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Heard of it? Maybe not, but I guarantee, you’re living in it. Technology and artificial intelligence, genomics and blockchains infiltrate our banking and economic systems, transportation, our education, healthcare, communication, and every aspect of our lives. Who is managing all this and who is safeguarding us from harm and exploitation? David […]

Teacher, Author, and Poet Deborah Tobola on A Novel Idea – August 4, 2019

Hummingbird in Underworld, Teaching in a Men’s Prison is poet Deborah Tobola’s memoir of working in the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo California. Working with inmate artists, a number of original theatrical productions were performed that changed people’s lives. Tobola weaves her own family history into the story for a compelling and enjoyable […]

Eliot Pattison in Conversation with Suzanne Lang on A Novel Idea – July 7, 2019

Bones of the Earth is the tenth installment in the Inspector Shan mystery series by award winning author Eliot Pattison, whose interest in Tibet and the injustices brought upon the Tibetan culture and people over the past 60 years is the foundation of this series, and for mystery lovers, each one of these books is […]

Bo Kearns and Frank Strausser Join Suzanne M. Lang on A Novel Idea – June 30, 2019

Bo Kearns and Frank Strausser join Suzanne M. Lang in conversation. Each has published a first novel after years of writing in other forms: Kearns as a journalist and Strausser as a playwright.  Ashes in a Coconut, by Bo Kearns, is set in the Indonesia of the 1980’s; a woman follows her husband there to […]