Northern California Public Media presents Living Downstream: The Environmental Justice Podcast.

Northern California Public Media presents Living Downstream: The Environmental Justice Podcast, produced in association with the NPR One mobile app. Living Downstream explores environmental justice in communities from California to Indonesia and is hosted by NCPM News Director Steve Mencher. The podcast features some of the most experienced environmental reporters in the public radio system, as well as a handful of talented newcomers.

Uranium - Toxic Legacy at Red Water Pond Road


Navajo residents of the Red Water Pond Road community in New Mexico near Church Rock have lived with radioactive contamination for 50 years. They’re tired of being in a state of toxic limbo the uranium industry bequeathed when it packed up and left.

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Smackdown: City Hall vs. Big Oil


In 2012, a fire at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, Calif. caused 14,000 residents to flee. In October 2018 Chevron agreed to spend $160 million on improvements to its refineries. Smackdown tells the story of how one community fought Chevron and won.

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The Forgotten Civilians of Eglin Air Force Base


Civilian employees at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida tested the defoliant Agent Orange in the 1960s. Public radio veteran Jon Kalish brings us the story of these workers, who have suffered from ailments including soft-tissue sarcomas and lymphoma.

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Firing Forests to Save Them: Could Native American Traditions Protect Land and Lives?


One way to avoid deadly fires in the West is trusting controlled burns, as Native Americans have long done. Indians aren’t allowed to follow cultural practices of caring for the land. Now we see how that affects everyone in the age of climate change.

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