Cannabis and Intellectual Property – August 31, 2016

Cannabis, medical or otherwise, cannot be patented under current law. But trademarks are possible. As cannabis transitions into a full-fledged industry, some of the big challenges that producers and purveyors face lie in the legal realm of intellectual property, such as trademarks and patents. We’ve got more on this subject on the North Bay Report […]

Introducing Autism Kits for Restaurants – August 30, 2016

A kit full of items to calm overstimulated kids on the autism spectrum is now available at a few Sonoma County restaurants, with more expected to follow. Dining out with children who get overstimulated or impatient can present challenges for any parent; even more so for parents of children on the autism spectrum. A new […]

San Rafael Gallery Celebrates Works of Bad Art – August 29, 2016

A unique Marin County art gallery specializes in showcasing bad art. Have you ever gone into an art gallery and seen a particular work of art and thought… “Huh?” For one Marin County couple that’s the exact effect they want to get. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports. Find a link to the online gallery and photos […]

“Of One Soul” Builds Resistance to Islamophobia – August 26, 2016

“Of One Soul” is an interfaith initiative in Sonoma County. The local grass-roots interfaith effort to countermand anti-Islam rhetoric is gaining momentum, support, and recognition. Find a link to the “Friendship Not Fear,” letter, as well as details about the Sunday event on the North Bay Report webpage at KRCB dot org/news. Hear this story […]

Unpacking the Debacle that was Altamont – August 25, 2016

A new book dissects the problems that led to rock and roll’s most notorious concert: Altamont. The Rolling Stones’ infamous 1969 free concert at the Altamont speedway has become mythologized as “the end of the 60s,” a symbolic counterweight to the romanticized images of peace, love and Woodstock. But a detailed new book from veteran […]

Suzanne Ciani’s Musical Odyssey – August 24, 2016

From an unusual electronic instrument to the acoustic piano and back again, Marin composer and Musician Suzanne Ciani’s career has come full circle. Bolinas-based composer Suzanne Ciani has achieved success and earned five Grammy nominations for her New Age piano music – but her body of work goes far beyond that one category. Ciani was […]

New SSU President Opens the 2016 Academic Year – August 23rd, 2016

Sonoma State’s new president, Judy Sasaki, introduced herself to the college’s students and faculty at the yearly convocation Monday morning. Dr. Judy Sasaki, the newly installed 7th president of Sonoma State University, greeted the campus community yesterday at the annual convocation, which marks the beginning of the new academic year. KRCB’s Bruce Robinson was there, […]

How Ocean Acidification Imperils the Lowly Sea Snail – August 22, 2016

Sea snails in tide pools may be a helpful indicator of the consequences of ocean acidification for lower forms of ocean fauna. Increasing acidity in the world’s oceans is affecting far more than coral reefs. A local researcher is studying how changing pH in seawater may alter the balance of life in tide pools along […]

How to Address the Impacts of Cannabis – August 19, 2016

Cannabis is already big business in Sonoma County, so local officials are scrambling to enact needed regulations for it before the industry grows even bigger. With new legislation at last providing uniform statewide guidelines for medical marijuana in California, and the possibility of legalizing recreational use on the November ballot, cannabis is attaining new visibility […]