San Rafael Ordinance Forces Out Homeless Living in RVs – September 30, 2016

A new ordinance in San Rafael is pushing out homeless living in oversized vehicles. The San Rafael City Council wants to crack down on people living in recreational vehicles and cars. But some homeless advocates are saying a new city ordinance could push this population out on the streets. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports. Find out […]

Homeless Talks to Begin in Santa Rosa – September 28, 2016

Can talking about homelessness help end it? A series of conversations in Santa Rosa aims to try. What do the people of Santa Rosa think about homelessness in their city? A series of facilitated public conversations is about to get started in an effort to gauge public opinion—and ideas. We’ve got an introductory video, and […]

Banned Books Week Observes its 34th Year – September 27, 2016

Even before the printing press was invented, some people tried to ban books. They’re still trying. Whether the motivation is political or religious, or just protective parenting, efforts to see certain books suppressed seem as persistent as the seasons. So Banned Books week is here again to remind us of that. The American Library Association […]

A First and Close-Up Look at Yosemite – September 26, 2016

A group of 50 Latinos from Sonoma County visited Yosemite over the weekend, courtesy of LandPaths. For several years, LandPaths has been offering hikes and other outings for Sonoma County’s Latino residents. This weekend, they took that program a big step further. We’ve got more on the North Bay Report webpage at KRCB dot org/news. […]

Islam vs. Feminism: The False Dichotomy – September 23, 2016

Feminism and religion are not incompatible, insists Sabina Kahn-Ibarra,–even when the religion is Islam. “Islam vs. Feminism: the False Dichotomy” was the topic of a talk given yesterday at Sonoma State, part of the feminist lecture series there. On her way to the campus, the speaker also visited KRCB to explain her topic and how […]

SSU Students Developing Tiny Satellite to Monitor Earth’s Ecosystem – September 22, 2016

Some Sonoma State students are building a NASA-funded satellite. Three years ago, some Sonoma State students successfully built and launched a tiny research satellite into space. Now a new team of students is working to get an even smaller satellite into orbit. KRCB’s Tiffany Camhi reports. This story part of KRCB’s North Bay Bountiful initiative. […]

Why the Ballot is So Long This Fall – September 21, 2016

Voters in California as a whole, and Sonoma County face a record number of ballot measures this fall, for a complex set of reasons. Although no one will see them all, voters across Sonoma County are being asked to decide 23 separate ballot measures this fall. That’s in addition to the 17 initiatives everyone will […]

Marin Rancher Among First Pioneers in Carbon Farming – September 20, 2016

One Marin rancher is taking a chance and exploring new ways to use carbon farming on his land. Near West Marin’s small farming town of Tomales there’s a ranch that is sucking TONS of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. The ranch was part of an experimental carbon farming project a few years ago and […]

Firewatch at Pole Mountain Lookout – September 19, 2016

Fire lookout towers are waning in California. But a critical one remains active, watching over the coastal mountains above Cazadero. Across California, mountaintop fire lookouts are increasingly rare. Spotters can’t penetrate the smog in the southland, and elsewhere, ubiquitous cell phones have diminished the need for them. But in the remote coastal highlands above and […]