SAY Supporters Set for ‘One Cold Night’ – October 31, 2016

Nearly four dozen local leaders will sleep on the street for a night later this month, simulating youth homelessness to help combat it. The SAY Dream Center opened its doors last spring, and saw its beds for homeless youth filled immediately. Now they are staging an unusual pubic event to call attention to the needs […]

Will Durst Finds Serious Humor in Politics – October 28, 2016

Politics is serious business. So Will Durst has made a career out of lampooning it. Political issues and positions are of secondary interest to comedian Will Durst. He zeros in on their personalities and foibles to, in his words, “put the ‘mock’ in democracy.” Will Durst brings his “Elect to Laugh 2016” show to the […]

Making the Case for Earthquake Insurance – October 27, 2016

By law, earthquake insurance is available for all California homeowners, but only 10% actually have it. Notwithstanding the earthquake that struck downtown Napa a little more than 2 years ago, our state as a whole has been enjoying an overall lull in significant seismic activity. So the California Earthquake Authority is intensifying its calls for […]

Botanical Artists Capture the Diversity of Alcatraz Gardens – October 25, 2016

The biological diversity of the Gardens on Alcatraz has been captured, beautifully, by the region’s botanical artists. For a dozen years, volunteers have been working diligently to restore the historic gardens on Alcatraz Island. Now the results of those efforts have been documented in a series of details, full-color drawings by dozens of botanical artists. […]

The Sea Forager’s Guide to the Northern California Coast – October 21, 2016

If it lives in our coastal waters, Sea Forager Kirk Lombard knows how to catch and cook it. Our coast is home to dozens of varieties of strange, often elusive, sometimes slimy, yet almost always somehow edible sea life. Kirk Lombard knows where to find them, and what to do with them. Kirk Lombard has […]

Reviewing A Multi-Faceted Life – October 20, 2016

Telecom pioneer Don Green recounts his lively and compelling personal history in a new autobiography. Eighty-five years in 400 pages—with plenty of pictures included. That’s what entrepreneur, philanthropist and music lover Don Green has packed into his newly public memoir. A public book release celebration of Don Green’s autobiography, including a reading of excerpts, will […]

Greenway Vision Coming Into Focus – October 18, 2016

With three detailed alternatives now open to public review, plans for the Southeast Greenway in Santa Rosa are gradually moving ahead. Eight years into the process of creating the proposed southeast Greenway in Santa Rosa, ideas for what it will actually look like are taking shape. An online survey, reviewing three possible alternatives, is underway. […]