A Time Capsule from the 1960s – January 18, 2017

An archeological survey at a site in northern Marin County found interesting relics from both the long ago past, and the middle of the last century.

Surrounded by thousands of years of native history, the burned out ruins of a 196os commune in northern Marin County have yielded an unexpected glimpse into the details of “hippie” life of that era.

Archeologist Breck Parkman will present more of his discoveries at the Sonoma County History Museum tomorrow night, in a program called Digging Olompali: The Archaeology of the Recent Past. Find details about that event on the North Bay Report webpage at KRCB dot org/news. Hear this story on demand with our free KRCB mobile app. You can also find this and past stories on our new North Bay Report Facebook page. Comment, share and give us a like there. Follow the North Bay Report on Twitter @KRCBNews.

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