Lemony Snicket Creator Cites ‘Peanuts’ Influence – March 17, 2017

Charles Schultz’ Peanuts helped shape the sensibility that produced the “Series of Unfortunate Events” books for young readers. The man behind the arch-gothic Lemony Snicket books for young readers says the Peanuts comic strip was an important influence on his writing. San Francisco author Daniel Handler will talk about his appreciation for Peanuts in a […]

State Unveils New ‘High Tech Report Card’ for Schools – March 16, 2017

The state’s new tool for evaluating school district’s progress is getting good marks from local educators. Yesterday, the California Department of Education made public its new system for evaluating how local school districts are performing. Local educators say it is more complex but also more helpful. Hear more about the new school accountability dashboard, and […]

A Hands-On Farming Showcase for Kids – March 15, 2017

The fairgrounds become a lively and diverse outdoor classroom for elementary kids during Ag Days. Ag Days returned to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds yesterday and today. The annual event, hosted by the local Farm Bureau, gives thousands of elementary school students some first-hand exposure to this region’s agricultural heritage and its products. Find out more […]

Bad News, Good Energy at Health Care Town Hall – March 14, 2017

Obamacare remains hugely popular in the North Bay, a town hall in San Rafael Demonstrated, while the GOP’s alternative4 is decidedly not. A fired up crowd eager to defend the Affordable Care Act filled the Marin Civic Center, to hear a panel led by Congressman Jared Huffman detail the problems they foresee in the new, […]

Unique Non-profit Serves Homeless Pet Owners – March 10, 2017

Many homeless people keep their pets with them. But only one local program assists with the care. Pet owners are deeply attached to their dogs, cats, birds and other animals, and that doesn’t change if they become homeless. But their ability to care for their pets may. That’s where an unusual and specially focused non-profit […]

Cannabis Industry Cautiously Prepares for New Costs – March 9, 2017

With Measure A strongly approved, Sonoma County’s cannabis businesses are preparing to take the next steps toward legality. With new tax rates approved by Sonoma County voters on Tuesday, the local cannabis industry is gearing up to enter—and pay for—their new era of legitimacy. You can learn more on the North Bay Report webpage at […]

Meet Sonoma County’s New Health Director – March 8, 2017

The new head of Sonoma County’s Health Services Department comes with some bold ideas for better coordination of services. After a year getting acquainted with the inner workings of Sonoma County’s Department of Health Services, Barbie Robinson is starting her new job as the department’s head with plans for some ambitious collaboration at the top […]

Creek Stewardship Program Brings Life and Vibrancy to Santa Rosa Creek – March 6, 2017

A decade long effort to clean up and build habitat on the Santa Rosa creek is paying off. For nearly ten years a group of volunteers have been gathering every first Saturday of the month to clean up trash and help beautify the Santa Rosa Creek. Now what was once just considered a flood controlling […]

Housing Aid to Support New Teachers – March 3, 2017

Housing costs are a big factor in Sonoma County’s teacher shortage. So some creative measures to provide help are being tried. Training new teachers for local schools isn’t enough. The Sonoma County office of Education is also partnering in efforts to help secure housing for them. Learn more about the program, on the North Bay […]

A New Approach to Recruiting Teachers – March 2, 2017

To combat the shortage of teachers here, the Sonoma County Office of Education has launched its own training program. To meet the persistent shortage of teachers locally, a new program is recruiting and training would-be educators who are already here, but doing something else right now. Learn more about the program, and hear from a […]