Local Insight into President’s Actions Affecting LBGTQ Community – July 31, 2017

Last week provided some insight into President Trump’s policies on LGBTQ rights. Last week was a tough week for the LGBTQ community. President Trump’s tweets appeared to withdraw the welcome mat from transgender service members; a Justice Department brief asserted that the LGBTQ community is not covered by certain anti-discrimination protections. Local activists were left […]

Don’t Believe Their Bad Press: Badgers Are a Welcome Visitor, Says Naturalist – July 28, 2017

You may be surprised to learn that American Badgers don’t cause trouble or have a bad attitude. Tomorrow at the Laguna Environmental Center in Santa Rosa, naturalist Susan Kirks will talk about why badgers are great for the land, contradicting their reputation as troublemakers. Reporter Steve Mencher met Kirks in an open field, where she’d […]

Future of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Unclear – July 27, 2017

Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument covers over 3-hundred-thousand acres of land across five Northern California counties. But now the area is at risk of losing its monument designation. Earlier this week, we reported on President Trump’s executive order to review the 2015 expansion of National Marine Sanctuaries. The same week in April, the president ordered […]

‘Inconvenient Sequel’ from Al Gore Updates ‘Inconvenient Truth’ Film on Climate Change – July 26, 2017

Al Gore talks about winning over climate change skeptics,. Ten years ago, Al Gore’s climate change slide show morphed into an award-winning documentary about the climate crisis. He’s back with a sequel, which suggests that things are both better and worse, as Steve Mencher reports. Watch a trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel, opening in select […]

Executive Order Could Lead to Downsizing North Bay Marine Sanctuaries – Part Two – July 25, 2017

In 2015, the protected area in Marine Sanctuaries off our coast was doubled. Coming up, we’ll have the second part of a two part look at how that protection, thought to be permanent, is now threatened. Yesterday we learned about the history of two National Marine Sanctuaries off the coast of Northern California. Now, reports […]

Executive Order Could Lead to Downsizing North Bay Marine Sanctuaries – Part One – July 24, 2017

In April, President Trump issued an executive order which could lead to rule changes, resulting in drilling and mining in local marine sanctuaries that are now off-limits. Time is growing short to make your voice heard on the president’s Executive Order to review and possibly shrink the National Marine Sanctuaries off the coast of Northern […]

New Exhibition at Sonoma County Museum Displays County’s Rich History with Horses – July 21, 2017

Horses are the focus of a new exhibit at the Sonoma County History Museum. Horses have played in integral part in Sonoma County’s history: From prehistoric times to the modern day. Now a new exhibition at the History Museum of Sonoma County, opening tomorrow, looks to highlight the role horses have and still play in […]

Benefitting from B Lab’s Assessment – July 20, 2017

Even companies with a tradition and culture of good citizenship are finding more than can do through a Benefit Corporation Certification Process. Long before benefit corporations were established as a category of business empowered to allocate resources to more than maximizing profits, many companies took voluntary steps to aid their communities and their workers. Now, […]

Measuring and Improving Corporate Citizenship – July 19, 2017

How can businesses become better corporate citizens? By measuring themselves against a rigorous set of uniform standards. In an era of expanding corporate hegemony, a growing number of smaller businesses are seeking to boost their image—and revenues—through good behavior, as “benefit corporations.” Bruce Robinson reports on the standards that have been developed to encourage and […]

Blue-Green Algae Threat in North Bay Waterways Returns as Temps Get Hotter – July 18, 2017

Incidents of toxic blue-green algae have been reported across the Bay Area, including the North Bay. As the thermometer rises this summer, North Bay rivers and lakes might seem like a good place to cool off. But these warmer temperatures can also bring the threat of blue-green algae to our waterways. It’s a toxic bacteria […]