Vietnam Veteran Shares Poem ‘Combat Paper’ About Wartime and What Followed – Sep 14, 2017

A local Vietnam veteran has been working through the experiences of wartime since the 1970s. Poetry has been part of the process.

Vietnam is once again pushing its way into the national conversation – courtesy of an 18-hour film by documentarians Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. It starts on many PBS stations Sunday night; KRCB will air the series at a later date. The film inspired us to connect with local Vietnam veterans – including Martin Lesinski, a Nicasio-based photographer and poet. When he visited our studio this week, he brought a poem, inspired by an art project that encouraged vets to create sheets of paper by pulping their combat uniforms. He read some excerpts to News Director Steve Mencher.

You can read Vietnam Vet Martin Lesinski’s complete poem, Combat Paper, on the North Bay Report webpage at KRCB dot org/news. On November 9 at 7:15 pm, KRCB will host a showing of highlights from the Ken Burns Vietnam series, followed by a panel discussion, at Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for details. Hear this story on demand with our free KRCB mobile app. You can also find this and past stories on our new North Bay Report Facebook page. Comment, share and give us a like there. Follow the North Bay Report on Twitter @KRCBNews.

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