Santa Rosa Sets its Sights on Sixth Street Homeless Encampment – Oct 4, 2017

Santa’s Rosa’s new Housing First homeless plan is cleaning up and clearing out encampments across the city. First the city of Santa Rosa vacated and cleaned out the tent city at Farmers Lane and Bennett Valley Road – also known as Homeless Hill. Now the city is targeting the sixth street encampment under the 101 […]

Marin County Launches Climate Change Campaign to Drastically Reduce Greenhouse Gases – Oct 3, 2017

Marin County is looking to become a carbon-free community and help reverse climate change. For environmentalists, the term “drawdown” refers to the point when greenhouse gases start to decline yearly. To reach that goal, Marin County is launching Drawdown: Marin. It’s a campaign that looks to drastically reduce greenhouse gases – like carbon dioxide. KRCB’s […]