‘Resilience Convening’ Brings Together Funders and Nonprofits to Talk About the Recovery – Nov 30, 2017

There may be some confusion about all the money being collected by and distributed locally after the North Bay fires. Funders and nonprofits convened this week in Rohnert Park to get some clarity. At a “Resilience Convening” meeting this week, more than 150 community nonprofits gathered in Rohnert Park. They heard from some of the […]

Renters Air Concerns and Get Advice After Fire Losses – Nov 29, 2017

So here’s a question for renters – If you were forced to evacuate your home during the fires, do you still owe rent for that time? Before the North Bay fires, Sonoma County was in a housing crisis. Now, the squeeze is even worse. Several dozen people met Monday in Santa Rosa to talk about […]

Insurance Woes in Lake County Point to Delays, Frustrations After Latest Fire – Nov 28, 2017

Can lessons be learned from 2015’s Valley Fire as local homeowners begin the long and sometimes difficult process of working with insurance companies? As trucks continue to haul away the remains of homes burned in the North Bay fires, homeowners are beginning to deal with the next big step in recovery – claiming their insurance. […]

Frey Winery Considers the Future After the Redwood Complex Fire in Mendocino – Nov 23, 2017

We’re hoping that people in our battered region are finding ways to be thankful this holiday weekend. The family behind the Frey Winery in Redwood Valley is looking toward the future, as they rebuild their business after the North Bay fires. Four generations of the Frey family live and work at their winery in Redwood […]

Thankful to Escape the Flames, but Stressed at the Holidays – Nov 23, 2017

A family crammed into a one-bedroom apartment will be finding ways to enjoy the holiday today. They are thankful to be together, and hopeful that the future will sort itself out The Espinoza family plans to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner in the one bedroom apartment they’ve been sharing since the North Bay fires. Between […]

Conference in December Seeks a ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Justice’ in the Middle East – Nov 22, 2017

An international group led by Palestinian Christians is presenting a conference on Middle East issues in Santa Rosa next week. Friends of Sabeel North America defines itself as a Christian ecumenical group. Its Northern California chapter is assembling Christian, Muslim, Jewish and secular leaders to discuss the complicated political struggles in Israel and Palestine. News […]

Huffman and Thompson Push Back on Inadequate Funding Request from OMB – Nov 21, 2017

“Outrageous. Unacceptable. A dereliction of duty.” That’s the response from Representatives Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman to a Trump administration request for disaster relief that leaves out money for Northern California fire recovery. Is the Trump administration playing politics with disaster relief? That’s the implication of a statement released on Friday by Representatives Jared Huffman […]

Immigrants’ Fears Heightened by Fires; Post-Fire Tourism Woes; Senators Request Passport Leniency – Nov 17, 2017

How some immigrants reacted to the North Bay fires; a request from California’s senators; and plans to rebuild the hospitality business. Yesterday, we heard about a new hotline that helps protect local immigrants who may be swept up in raids by Immigration officers. At the rally announcing the new Rapid Response phone line, news director […]

Housing Crisis Deepened by Fires, but Solutions May be on the Horizon – Nov 15, 2017

Yesterday, we talked with former Supervisor Efren Carrillo about the annexation of Roseland. Today, he’s back to talk about housing in the wake of the historic fires. Former Supervisor Efren Carrillo is now director of governmental and community relations at Burbank Housing in Santa Rosa. The organization is grappling with the reality that an already […]

Former Supervisor Recalls History of Actions that Brought Roseland Annexation – Nov 14, 2017

Efren Carrillo represented the 5th District on the County Board of Supervisors. He recounts the history of how Roseland came to be annexed into the city of Santa Rosa. Earlier this month, the Roseland neighborhood finally became an official part of the city of Santa Rosa. News director Steve Mencher talked with former supervisor Efren […]