History of Marijuana Prohibition Being Curated by the Faithful – Dec 28, 2017

One unintended consequence of full cannabis legalization: the history of the illegal marijuana business in Northern California risks being lost. Recently, we shared some news and impressions from this year’s Emerald Cup – the yearly meeting of cannabis business professionals and enthusiasts. As you may know, the era of cannabis prohibition is ending in California […]

New Approach: Tie Minimum Wage to Company Wealth and Housing Costs – Dec 27, 2017

Even a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage isn’t going to help you find a home in the North Bay – but one politician has his sights set on a fix. Last week we talked with Assembly member Marc Levine about the challenging year we’ve had. Today, News Director Steve Mencher asks Levine about his number […]

Following Trucks to the Landfill with Fire Debris – Dec 22, 2017

You’ve seen them on the road. Perhaps you’re in your car now behind a long line of them. But where are those dump trucks with fire debris going? About two months ago the North Bay wildfires were contained. Most of the toxic debris has been carted away — like asbestos, burned plastic, and car batteries. […]

Assemblyman Marc Levine Highlights Legislature’s Accomplishments in 2017 – Dec 21, 2017

Environmental legislation, housing help, and revenue from an increased gas tax – these are the highlights of the year in Sacramento, according to Assemblyman Marc Levine. KRCB News Director Steve Mencher began a conversation earlier this week with Assemblyman Marc Levine, who represents Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties. Today they touch on lessons learned from […]

Christmas in Coffey Park; Free Counseling Offered to Fire Survivors – Dec 20, 2017

Residents of fire ravaged areas are looking back to happier times and thinking ahead to what’s next. Ready or not Christmas is coming. After October’s fires in the North Bay, this will be a holiday like no other. April Dembosky of the California Report visited Coffey Park to find out how some fire survivors are […]

In Wake of Fires, Assembly Member Marc Levine Talks About Improving Phone Alert System – Dec 19, 2017

It was a busy year in Sacramento, and that was before legislators had to grapple with the historic fire season. Today, we hear the first part of a conversation with Assembly member Marc Levine, who represents parts of the North Bay. News director Steve Mencher started with an issue that has gained traction due to […]

End of Net Neutrality Will Change How We Experience the Web – Dec 15, 2017

Nobody was surprised when the FCC Thursday struck down Net Neutrality. The FCC has voted to remove rules that require Internet giants like Comcast and AT&T to treat all traffic the same. They’ll now be able create tiers for faster and slower service. News director Steve Mencher talked with Tara Sharp, head of marketing at […]

Photographer Finds Beauty in the Rubble of North Bay Fires – Dec 14, 2017

Tomorrow on KRCB TV 22 we’ll be broadcasting our second special about the North Bay Fires. The New Normal tells stories from the community about lives turned upside down, and the strength of the human spirit. One story we’ll be telling: how photographer Diane Askew (ASK-you) finds beauty in the rubble – and partners with […]

Emerald Cup Celebrates Medical Pot and Looks Ahead to Legalization – Dec 13, 2017

The Emerald Cup held this weekend will be the last in California during what advocates consider the era of “Prohibition.” On January 1 the legal landscape for cannabis changes, and the industry is getting ready. The 17th annual Emerald Cup, a celebration of all things cannabis, was held December 9 and 10 at the Sonoma […]

Climate Change to Blame? Insurance Markets May Be Disrupted – Dec 12, 2017

Scientists are sifting evidence about whether climate change is to blame for the ongoing fires. And the state insurance commissioner warns about disruptions in the insurance market. Today’s stories come from our partners at The California Report. We’ll hear about whether there’s a direct link between climate change and the state’s worst-ever fire season. But […]