Film Can Help First Responders and Caregivers Deal with ‘Secondary Trauma’ – Dec 8, 2017

Free meals, friendly signs. The North Bay poured out love to its first responders in October. But what help will be available when the stress and trauma catches up to them?

Monday night at 9 KRCB TV 22 will present a documentary about the stresses caregivers and first responders suffer as part of their jobs. News Director Steve Mencher spoke with producer Rodney Whittenberg who started off by describing the background of his filmmaking partner Vic Compher.

“Portraits of Professional Caregivers” airs at 9 pm Monday on KRCB TV 22. Watch a preview at Hear this story on demand with our free KRCB mobile app. You can also find this and past stories on our new North Bay Report Facebook page. Comment, share and give us a like there. Follow the North Bay Report on Twitter @KRCBNews.

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