Report on Wildfire Impact Says Wine Industry Suffered, but Not As Expected – Jan 31, 2018

Many tourists, hearing about “The Wine County Fires,” postponed or cancelled trips to nearby wineries. Tasting rooms and tours should have been busy in harvest season. Instead, the wine business took a major hit. A new study describes the effects of the North Bay fires on local vineyards and wineries. In addition to surveying stakeholders, […]

Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Addresses Global, Local Concerns – Jan 26, 2018

In his final state of the state address, Governor Jerry Brown took a victory lap on some signature achievements, continued to push some pet projects, and avoided mentioning by name the man in Washington whose agenda opposes his. Born into politics, educated by Jesuits, Brown will stand, by any measure, as one of the most […]

Insurance Strategies for Wildfire Survivors – Jan 25, 2018

Fire displaced homeowners throughout our area are in tough negotiations with their insurance companies. But they have an ally they may not know about. Yesterday, we heard a presentation from “Conversations Around the Fire.” That’s an initiative hoping to guide local residents to greener, safer and more just ideas about rebuilding our community. Today, KRCB […]

Conversation Around the Fire: Lessons of the Past Point to Possibilities for Building More Resiliently – Jan 24, 2018

A meeting on resilient rebuilding Monday night in Santa Rosa drew a crowd to a local church. The meetings have a clever name – Conversations Around the Fire. The idea? That the recent wildfires might bring together people in the progressive community to work for change during these post-fire months and years. Monday night’s gathering […]

Cannabis Dispensaries Aim at Growing Senior Market – Jan 23, 2018

Now that any adult can buy cannabis legally, guess who makes up a growing percentage of the market locally? Hint – it’s not the 20-somethings. California officially opened cannabis sales to all adults at the start of the New Year. That’s after voters passed Proposition 64 back in November 2016. Local dispensaries are slowly getting […]

Prospect of ICE Raids Unsettles Local Community – Jan 19, 2018

Whether or not ICE is planning huge raids in Northern California, a report to that effect has unsettled local immigrants and put the whole community on edge. The planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE – immigration raids in our area are partly to punish California for its recent decision to become a so-called sanctuary […]

Insurance Issues Featured at Fire Recovery Town Hall – Jan 18, 2018

Insurance was on the agenda at a Fire Recovery and Rebuilding town hall Saturday. And the man who organizes California resources to fight fires and floods was there to stand once again with our community. Mark Ghilarducci, head of the California Office of Emergency Services, took time off from marshaling forces in Southern California cleaning […]

Fire Recovery and Rebuilding Town Hall – Jan 17, 2018

Fire survivors gathered Saturday – some skeptical, some hopeful, all wanting answers to their concerns about rebuilding. Local residents by the hundreds showed up at a town hall Saturday for updates on fire recovery and rebuilding. Local politicians were there, as well as representatives from FEMA, California Office of Emergency Services and the Army Corps […]

Sonoma County Fire Recovery and Rebuilding Town Hall Saturday – Jan 12, 2018

Do you feel your concerns about rebuilding Sonoma County are being heard by our elected representatives and by government officials? A town hall meeting tomorrow about Fire Recovery and Rebuilding will present updates and allow time for airing citizen concerns. Among elected officials scheduled to attend are members of the Santa Rosa City Council and […]