Coffey Strong Organizes Residents, and Santa Rosa Balances Rebuilding and New Building – Feb 8, 2018

Coffey Strong Organizes to Help Displaced Residents, and Santa Rosa Tackles Rebuilding and New Building Chris Coursey, Santa Rosa’s mayor is fond of saying that city officials need to walk and chew gum at the same time. That is, they must tackle rebuilding along with necessary housing growth. In the wake of the October fires […]

Setting Small Fires to Avoid Larger Ones; First Signs of Life at Burned Sonoma County Lake – Feb 7, 2018

This winter, despite the shortage of rain, green shoots are peeking through many natural landscapes where fire rampaged last fall. Today, we’ve got two reports about the aftermath of October’s fires. They come to us through our partnership with KQED’s California Report. First, an independent state watchdog called “the Little Hoover Commission” says California needs […]

Sonoma County Economic Outlook Bright, Despite Challenges Like Workforce and Housing – Feb 6, 2018

Last week we visited the State of the County event and heard from some key voices representing our diverse community. Visit our website to hear from Ana Lugo, President of the North Bay Organizing Project, Reno Franklin, Chair of the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians, and Beth Brown, President and CEO of the Community Foundation […]

Rebuilding Coffey Park: Some Choose to Stay, But Others Need to Make a Different Choice – Feb 2, 2018

Coffey Park was the topic on a recent edition of KQED’s Forum program with Michael Krasny. Among the guests – Jeff Okrepkie, chair of the neighborhood group Coffey Strong, Robert Digitale, a reporter for the Press Democrat and David Guhin, Director of Housing and Community Services for the City of Santa Rosa. KRCB News Director […]

Looking in Vans and Under Bridges to Count the Homeless in Mendocino County – Feb 1, 2018

Volunteers fanned out across cities and towns in America at the end of last month on a very important mission: counting the homeless. Knowing the statistics allows communities do a better job helping people without regular shelter. On a single night in January, volunteers all over the country participate in a federal program counting homeless […]