Eviction Looms at Joe Rodota Trail, Homeless Residents and Advocates Claim There’s Nowhere Left to Go – May 29, 2018

Nobody thinks Santa Rosa can arrest or bulldoze its way out of the homeless problem. But there are plans to once more evict the homeless from a large encampment.

An estimated 100 homeless residents camping on the Joe Rodota Trail in Santa Rosa are getting ready for yet another mass eviction. Officials cite the recent assault of a bike commuter as well as other health and safety concerns.

One month ago, the County evicted approximately 120 people living in an encampment in an adjacent parking lot. Critics say the county is failing its most vulnerable residents by simply moving them from place to place. The camp is scheduled to be cleared Wednesday before noon. Corinne Smith reports.

Tomorrow, part 3 of our interview with Capt. Mark Essick, one of three candidates for Sonoma County Sheriff. More at krcb.org/news.

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