Searching for the Gold Spot, New Documentary Features Nature Springing to Life After Fires – July 19, 2018

Before filmmaker Maya Khosla headed out to the Sierra Nevada in 2014, her expectations were low. What beauty could there be in a burnt forest, she thought.

Fires bring death and destruction, as anyone who has lived in Sonoma County can attest. But filmmaker Maya Khosla, whose documentary “Searching for the Gold Spot” plays on KRCB TV 22 in early August, discovered that fire also brings new life. She spoke with KRCB news director Steve Mencher about the film and her related work as Sonoma County’s poet laureate.

Maya Khosla’s film “Searching for the Gold Spot” will be broadcast on KRCB TV 22 August 7 at 9 p.m. See the trailer at Hear this story on demand with our free KRCB mobile app. You can also find this and past stories on our new North Bay Report Facebook page. Comment, share and give us a like there. Follow the North Bay Report on Twitter @KRCBNews.

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