Grape Harvest Underway Across the North Bay, Part 2 – September 28, 2018

You’ve probably heard about the tradition of grape-stomping, but does it actually change the wine? We’re continuing our coverage of this year’s grape harvest. In the second part of this series, KRCB reporter Adia White tells us what happens with all those barrels of grapes after they’re picked. For more on the grape harvest visit […]

Grape Harvest Underway Across the North Bay – September 27, 2018

The grape harvest is underway across our region. KRCB Reporter Adia White went to pick grapes with the crew at Santa Rosa’s Old World Winery during their second harvest of the year. This winery’s approach is a bit unconventional. We’ll be back Friday, where reporter Adia White will take off her shoes to help stomp […]

Local Activist Reports on Her Month in the West Bank, as Witness for Peace – September 26, 2018

How did you spend YOUR summer vacation? For one local activist, dedication to her view of Middle East Peace made her choice clear. Local activist Linda Sartor is giving a slide presentation this week about her recent visit to the West Bank. She traveled to the Middle East as a witness for peace; it reinforced […]

Santa Rosa works to reduce gang violence – September 21, 2018

Santa Rosa may not appear to have an issue with gangs, but that appearance may be misleading. October is Gang Prevention Awareness Month. Last night The City of Santa Rosa held a training seminar so that parents can be more aware of the risks their children face. Reporter Adia White went to that training and […]

Sonoma County Works to Reduce Gang Violence: Part 2 – September 25, 2018

Gang violence has been reduced in Santa Rosa over the last twenty years – that’s according to police crime statistics and the city’s violence prevention partnership. The reduction in violence is partly due to the formation of this partnership – which pairs youth with services to keep them out of trouble. Reporter Adia White talked […]

Sebastopol Peace Wall Welcomes Four Honorees, Including Daniel Ellsberg and Dolores Huerta – September 20, 2018

Many towns have monuments to young men lost in war. But one local town has a monument honoring those who work for peace. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, a crowd of about 200 people gathered in Sebastopol’s town plaza to honor men and women who work for peace and justice. It was the fourth annual […]

Sonoma County Applies For Additional Funds for Mental Health and Homelessness Services – September 19, 2018

Sonoma County could soon see a boost in funding for homelessness and mental health services. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has approved a proposal for 1.3 million dollars in state money for mental health programs and to aid the homeless. Reporter Adia White sat down with Sonoma County Director of Human Services, Karen Fies. […]

Biodynamic Winery Shows Agriculture Can Help Support Natural Ecosystems – September 18, 2018

One local vineyard is growing grapes and supporting California’s natural habitat at the same time. The Global Climate Action Summit just concluded last week in San Francisco. One of the topics brought up, was severe habitat loss across the state of California. According to the University of California Davis, over a quarter of California’s land […]

Wildfire Art Exhibit – September 14, 2018

Some local artists are helping wildfire victims cope with trauma and loss. Sonoma State University is hosting an art exhibit on the aftermath of October’s wildfires. These pieces are displayed in the campus’ library gallery. KRCB’s Adia White went to see the exhibit, titled “Reflections after the Fire”. She tells us how it’s intended to […]

Goats Help Reduce Wildfire Risk – September 13, 2018

To reduce fire risk, it’s important to clear properties of tall grasses and shrubs. The Meadow Drive neighborhood of Redwood Valley was hard hit by last year’s fires. Now, scorched oaks with green leaves provide shade for dry grass that’s grown about four feet tall. Reporter Sarah Reith met with a contract grazer who’s taking […]