Living Downstream Excerpts: Forgotten Civilians of Eglin Air Force Base Who Tested Agent Orange – December 28, 2018

You may have heard that veterans of Vietnam settled a suit in the 1980s related to exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange. You probably don’t know that civilians who tested the dangerous chemical got no such support. To end our week of previews, here’s another excerpt from our Podcast on Environmental Justice. “Living Downstream” is […]

Living Downstream Excerpts: Smackdown: City Hall versus Big Oil – December 27, 2018

This week we’re previewing “Living Downstream,” our Environmental Justice podcast. Today, a story from Richmond, California. Reporter Claire Schoen (SHONE) calls this episode “Smackdown: City Hall versus Big Oil.” Her guide to Richmond is community organizer Andrés Soto, who leads a “Toxic Tour” through town. To learn more, subscribe to Living Downstream: The Environmental Justice […]

Living Downstream Excerpts: Trailer Park Conditions in Coachella Valley Improve as Community Health Workers Make a Difference – December 26, 2018

We hope you’re enjoying the holidays with friends and family. Take a moment to consider that many farmworkers who help grow and pick the food for our feasts live in precarious conditions. For some, those conditions are improving. That story is on our new podcast. As the year ends, the North Bay Report is featuring […]

Living Downstream Excerpts: Indian Approach to Fire May Save Lives and Land – December 25, 2018

Got time on your hands this December? Here’s something to add to your list of must-listens. Learn about Environmental Justice by subscribing to our new podcast Living Downstream. During this holiday season, we’re presenting excerpts from Living Downstream: The Environmental Justice Podcast. Northern California Public Media launched the project this fall – and we’ve got […]

Researchers Discuss the Latest Medical Marijuana Studies at the Emerald Cup – December 21, 2018

Can cannabis be used to help prevent seizures? We’ve been covering the Emerald Cup this week, It’s Northern California’s annual conference and celebration of cannabis that happened last weekend. The event draws experts and activists from across the nation. KRCB’s Adia White attended several panels on the latest medical marijuana research and has this report. […]

Emerald Cup Celebrates Harvest and Full Legalization of Cannabis – December 18, 2018

Willie Nelson snagged a big award in Santa Rosa on Sunday. The famed “outlaw” is now a law-abiding citizen in California; at least, when it comes to his favorite habit. The Emerald Cup is a harvest festival, trade show, and celebration… of outdoor sustainably grown cannabis. It brings together farmers from the famed Emerald Triangle, […]

Sonoma Residents Work to Reduce Health Disparities – December 14, 2018

Community activists are fighting to reduce health disparities across Sonoma County. Community activists and leaders met Tuesday for the first Health Action Chapter Training, hosted by Sonoma County. Representatives from non-profits and neighborhood groups gathered to discuss strategies for solving health disparities. KRCB’s Adia White attended the training at Santa Rosa’s Chop’s Teen Club and […]

Tess Vigeland on Creating “After Paradise” – December 13, 2018

In a disaster we all have our jobs to do. There are firefighters, doctors,  construction workers and there are journalists. Tess Vigeland, former host of public radio’s “Market Place”, decided what she could contribute to survivors of this year’s wildfires was her skills as a reporter and host. As the Camp Fire was brought under […]

Sexual Assault Prevention Educator Opposes Changes to Title IX – December 12, 2018

It’s part of the law about higher education in the U.S.. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. Title IX transformed college sports starting in the 1970s. More recently, student victims of sexual harassment and assault have used Title IX […]

Coffey Strong Representatives Travel to Butte County – December 11, 2018

Survivors of the Tubbs Fire head to Butte County to share their stories with those now recovering from the campfire. Representatives from the neighborhood group Coffey Strong are heading to Butte County today to offer recovery advice to survivors of the Campfire. KRCB’s Adia White talked with Pamela Halsema about what she hopes to share […]