Emerald Cup Celebrates Harvest and Full Legalization of Cannabis – December 18, 2018

Willie Nelson snagged a big award in Santa Rosa on Sunday. The famed “outlaw” is now a law-abiding citizen in California; at least, when it comes to his favorite habit.

The Emerald Cup is a harvest festival, trade show, and celebration… of outdoor sustainably grown cannabis. It brings together farmers from the famed Emerald Triangle, with their cousins in Sonoma and surrounding counties. The event Saturday and Sunday sent us to the dictionary to see if the festival was Dionysian or Bacchanalian. One’s Greek, the other’s Roman – but they mean the same thing – uninhibited celebration, often aided by wine or other substances. Twenty-five thousand plus were expected at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, among them, reporters Adia White and Steve Mencher.

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