New Sonoma State Executive Gets Personal Discussing Diversity – February 28, 2019

Jerlena Griffin-Desta, the new chief of staff at Sonoma State, had some concerns about working and living in Sonoma County. Today, Why she’s thrilled she’s making the move. Yesterday we heard part one of an interview with Sonoma State’s new chief of staff, who is also Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Diversity. Today, Jerlena […]

New Sonoma State Executive Champions First Generation Students, Diversity – February 27, 2019

Jerlena Griffin-Desta, the new chief of staff at Sonoma State, says her husband’s last name, Desta, means happiness in Amharic, the language of his native Ethiopia. After nearly 30 years as an education leader, mostly with the U-C system, she feels she’s now in a position to make an even greater difference in the lives […]

Healdsburg’s Mayor David Hagele Talks About Affordable Housing and Other Top Priorities – February 26, 2019

If you follow Healdsburg politics, you may know that new Mayor David Hagele has found himself embroiled in the controversy surrounding affordable housing there. We’re continuing our series of conversations with Sonoma County leaders. In this segment, KRCB’s Adia White talks with Healdsburg Mayor David Hagele. They discuss how the city is spending its affordable […]

Elephant Seals Expand Their Breeding Grounds at Point Reyes National Seashore – February 22, 2019

If you visit Drake’s beach at Point Reyes National Seashore, there may be an elephant seal or two taking up your parking space . Every year in the winter, the Northern Elephant Seal makes the California Coast its home to breed and raise its young. But this year, one colony at Point Reyes National Seashore […]

Sonoma County Hosts Trainings on Parenting in the Era of Marijuana Legalization – February 21, 2019

The Sonoma County Department of Health Services is making an effort to teach parents how to talk to their kids about pot. Sonoma County Department of Health Services is sponsoring trainings across the county to help parents learn about the potential dangers of cannabis use for teens. Reporter Adia White attended one of the trainings […]

Petaluma Mayor Teresa Barrett Prioritizes Climate Change and Affordable Housing – February 15, 2019

When Teresa Barrett served on the Petaluma City Council for eleven years, she didn’t get much attention. Now that she’s Mayor, she hopes to use the recognition to accomplish her goals. Petaluma is the only city in Sonoma County that elects its mayor. Typically, the city council will select one of its members for the […]

Mayor Dominic Foppoli of Windsor Shares Hopes and Dreams – February 15, 2019

He was elected to the city council at 32. Four years later, he’s the mayor of Windsor, and one of the younger elected officials in Sonoma County. Next in our series of conversations with leaders in Sonoma County, Dominic Foppoli – mayor of Windsor – talks with KRCB news director Steve Mencher. This week, the […]

David Rabbit Steps in as Next Chairman of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Part 2 – February 15, 2019

With the recent heavy rains, we look into how Sonoma County is working to improve its response to flooding and other weather emergencies. KRCB reporter Adia White spoke with the new chair of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, David Rabbitt. They talked about the county’s ongoing effort to recover from the October 2017 wildfires […]

David Rabbit Steps in as Next Chairman of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors – February 14, 2019

David Rabbit is just over a month into his new role as Chairman of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. But this won’t be his first time leading the board, he also served as chairman in 2013 and 2014. This time around he’ll lead the county through its second year of recovery from the 2017 […]

Scientist Release Scale for Atmospheric Rivers – February 8, 2019

We’re getting some perspective on the severity of our recent rain storms You may have heard the term Atmospheric River, they are storms like the ones we saw earlier this year that dumped buckets of rain on the region. Now scientists can categorize the intensity of these storms as they do for hurricanes, on a […]