Political Cartoonist Rob Rogers Talks About the Importance of Satire in a Democracy – April 26, 2019

Political cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired from his job at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last year after being told to stop drawing unflattering cartoons of Donald Trump. His termination made national headlines and sparked debate about freedom of the press and political censorship. Roger’s book about the experience, titled “Enemy of the People,” comes out in […]

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department Releases Documents Related to Police Misconduct Investigations – April 25, 2019

Under a state transparency law passed at the beginning of this year, law enforcement agencies are now required to release records on police shootings and internal misconduct investigations. Here in Sonoma County, the Sheriff’s department has made five investigations public, including the shooting death of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by then Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Gelhaus. KRCB […]

Supervisor Shirlee Zane Sees Hope in Letter from Kaiser on Mental Health – April 17, 2019

Families united by tragedy demonstrated in Oakland today. They sought improvements in mental health care at the headquarters of Kaiser Permanente. Today on Morning Edition you heard from Song and David Brown about their 19-year-old daughter Elizabeth. She was a talented young woman from Santa Rosa who killed herself a year ago after seeking help […]

‘Connect the Bay’ Follow Up: Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt – April 16, 2019

On the North Bay Report, Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt, answers your questions about the North Bay’s affordable housing crisis. Late last month, KRCB TV presented Connect the Bay, a half-hour, live special about the affordable housing crisis and possible solutions. Some of you sent us questions to pose to our guests during the show […]

New Film, Invisible Bars, Documents Toll on Children and Families of Prisoners, Part Two – April 12, 2019

Prison reform is one of the few initiatives that has brought together both Democrats and Republicans since the election of Donald Trump. In California, psychologists and prison officials are finding ways to involve the families of prisoners in healing. Last week we met Jessica and Fred Stillman – Fred served 23 years for murder in […]