DACA Recipient Describes Relief After Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Protections for Dreamers (Aired: June 30, 2020)

In 2018, then-House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi, held the House floor for over 8 hours, reading testimonies and advocating for young immigrants. These youth relied on the protections of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA. Sonoma Valley resident, Denia Candela, was one of the young people Pelosi spotlighted that day. KRCB’s Adia White spoke […]

Sonoma County Conversations About Race (Aired: June 26, 2020)

The Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County has begun hosting weekly ‘Conversations on Race.’ The series supports the partnership’s mission to fight racism in Sonoma County.  In the most recent conversation, Vince Harper, director of community engagement, interviews Rubin Scott, President of the local chapter of the NAACP. In this excerpt,Scott starts by talking about how the Black […]

As COVID-19 Cases Climb in The Latinx Community, Activists Demand Equity in Disaster Response (Aired: June 25, 2020)

COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone, but immigrant rights activists in Sonoma County say the pandemic is hitting the undocumented and the Latinx community the hardest. Many undocumented immigrants still haven’t recovered from the 2017 and 2019 wildfires. Now, they struggle to make the rent, homeschool kids, and stay safe without access to federal aid. KRCB’s Camille Escovedo reports.  […]

The Santa Rosa City Schools Board Considers Making Ethnic Studies A Graduation Requirement (Aired: June 24, 2020)

The Santa Rosa City Schools Board is deciding today whether to make ethnic studies a requirement for graduation. Omar Medina is a board director and has long been an advocate for equity and inclusion in education. He spoke with KRCBs Adia White about how soon the requirement could be implemented and the impact he hopes it will […]

Leah Gold resigns as Healdsburg Mayor after flap on policing (Aired: June 18, 2020)

Healdsburg Mayor Leah Gold has resigned – effective at the end of June. This was the result of a controversy over what some in the community saw as racial insensitivity. To unpack what happened, news director Steve Mencher talked with Healdsburg Tribune reporter Katherine Minkiewicz. For links to Katherine Minkiewicz’s article about this story, and […]

Santa Rosa Protesters Commemorate Silent Parade of 1917 (Aired: June 17, 2020)

Protests against police brutality have continued to gain momentum throughout the nation. Protesters in Sonoma County have marched nearly every day over the past three weeks against police brutality and systemic racism. Equity and inclusion for marginalized communities have taken the forefront in the marches.  KRCB’s Adia White reports. For more coverage of Black lives […]

Latino Leadership Organization Discusses Path Forward in Addressing Coronavirus Health Disparity (Aired: June 16, 2020)

Latinos in Sonoma County are now nine times more likely to become infected with coronavirus than white residents. On Thursday, Latino leadership organization Los Cien hosted a virtual Town Hall to discuss this disparity. In this excerpt from the event, co-moderator Oscar Pardo asked Sonoma County Health Director Barbie Robinson what the County is doing […]

As Protesters Demand to Defund The Police, Santa Rosa’s Draft Budget Shows An Increase In Funding For The Department (Aired: June 12, 2020)

Amid protests against police brutality and violence, nine police departments in Sonoma County have agreed to evaluate their use of force policies. But protesters are also demanding that local cities divert funding for police departments to housing, mental health, and other community services. KRCB’s Adia White reports. You can read the NAACP’s letter to Santa […]