Lawyer in Voting Rights Cases Faces Death Threats (Aired: July 23, 2020)

Today marks our first in-depth story as part of an election initiative we’re calling Escuchando – Spanish for “listening.” We’ll be listening to the residents in District One in Santa Rosa as they elect their first city council representative in November. The reasons that Santa Rosa is switching from an at-large system of voting to one by district are complex. But one Southern California lawyer is the catalyst for this enormous change – and over the next two days we’ll meet attorney Kevin Shenkman. He told our news director Steve Mencher how his work promoting democracy starts with key provisions of the California Voting Rights Act.  

Tomorrow, we’ll learn how Kevin Shenkman’s work has affected Sonoma County. 

Find more at, including a video in both English and Spanish with tips about how to run for city or town council.