Local High Schoolers Are Finalists in NPR Podcast Contest (Aired: August 6, 2020)

Back for its second year, the NPR Student Podcast Challenge wrapped up in June.

Among two thousand entries in grades 5 thru twelve, the story of Popo the Clown, a local entertainer, rose to be one of only 25 finalists, although it didn’t win one of the two top awards.

NPR’s website celebrates the work, produced by students at St. Helena High School, as a “witty and poignant conversation” that “helped the students say goodbye to high school in preparation for life beyond.” The production work was completed during the pandemic, and sounds fully professional. Advising the students was teacher Elizabeth Ganshorn.

News Director Steve Mencher talked with two of the producers, Reid Ivanoff and Josie Goldfarb.