Sonoma County Singer Songwriter Competition – January 27, 2017

Sonoma County Singer Songwriter Competition
Redwood Café
January – March, 2017

Beginning in January 2017, the first annual Sonoma County Singer Songwriter Competition invites writers from all over Sonoma County to register to enter a County wide Singer Songwriter Competition.

This event will take place over a three-month period on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm at the Redwood Cafe in Cotati Ca. and will feature some of Sonoma County’s newest and best Singer Songwriters in a friendly community competition.

Two Rounds of competitions are planned with the result culminating in a full round of Finals. The winner will be announced at the end of each evening based on the audience and guest Judges votes. The winners move into the Finals and eventually rewarded with a full set weekend evening Encore Showcase at the Redwood Cafe. This Encore performance will be streamed live and feature special guest performers as well as the top 3 winners of the competition.

The cream always rises to the top… It is our hope that by offering the Community
the opportunity to showcase their talents, we can all rally behind the cause
of a really good singer with a really good song!

3 guest judges each evening judge contestants.
All guest judges are local industry professionals or performers.
All judges’ decisions are unbiased and final
Contestants are judged on 3 separate categories:
Song writing skills
Stage presence

The 1st Round of The Singer Songwriter Competition is based on the solo acoustic performances of three songs, Contestant are requested to play (2) original songs and (1) tribute song (20 minutes) This initial “solo” format introduces the Performer to the audience and to the Judges, and lets them be judged on their own merit. In fairness, each performer is selected alphabetically for every evening competition. There will be 4 Performers per night.

The winner of each ROUND #1 will go into ROUND #2 (8 contestants in total)

All Contestants are now the winners of the ROUND #1 and now have the option of adding a (2) piece accompaniment to their live performance. (3) vocal mics as well as (3) DI’s will be provided to all contestants. The same competition song format exists: (2) original songs and (1) tribute song in one 20 minute set. There is still 4 Performers per night.

The top 2 winners of each ROUND #2 go into the FINALS! (4 contestants in total)

The last evening of the competition. All 4 of the Contestants are now the winners from ROUND #2 of competitions. The top Performers will be featured in the last evening of the “Sonoma County Singer Songwriter Competition”. They may again choose to have a (2) piece accompaniment or not. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be selected and announced at the end of the evening.

The top 3 winners will be featured in the GRAND ENCORE PERFORMANCE!

Shortly following the Sonoma County Singer Songwriter Competition, the top (3) winners will be featured in a special weekend “full set” evening performance at the Redwood Cafe. The entire event will be recorded by Prairie Sun Recording and streamed live on facebook by Viral Media Art. KRSH Radio will feature songs from the event recordings at a later date and we’ll have more than just a few special guests and surprises!

All participants (and Judges) will receive a free dinner voucher and a drink
ticket the evening of their performance through the generosity of Redwood Cafe.

All Participants are encouraged to direct and share the event social media content in
support of their efforts during the competition… after all, It’s the Judges and
your supporters that can determine your progress this competition!

Redwood Café
8240 Old Redwood Hwy
Cotati, CA 94931
(707) 795-7868

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