Winter Warmth Survival Gear Drive – February 23, 2017

Winter Warmth Survival Gear Drive
Sonoma County Taskforce for the Homeless

The Task Force for the Homeless Winter Warmth Program serves as a clearinghouse for life-saving survival gear. We’ve distributed warm winter items to homeless service agencies and programs throughout the county every winter since 2006. Thanks to the generosity of the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, we also have a free distribution site for our program.

According to the latest 2016 Point-In-Time Homeless Census & Survey, there were 2,906 homeless people struggling to survive on a single night in January, when most of us were snug in our beds. 1,906 people were unsheltered and 1,000 people were in shelters or transitional housing. Because our shelters are often full and motel vouchers are scarce, many take refuge in cars, under bridges, behind dumpsters and make do out in the cold, wet weather – many without a warm coat, blanket or sleeping bag. Many succumb to illnesses or injuries caused or worsened by exposure to weather and toxins in the environment, and the rigors and dangers of living outdoors. At least 30 homeless people each year die on the streets and in the wooded areas of Sonoma County. And each winter the number of items we distribute increases – from 1,534 items in 2008-09 to 6,814 items in 2015-16.

We accept donations of survival gear year round. We especially need sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, tarps, fiber-filled jackets, flashlights, hiking boots, athletic shoes, new or gently used cushioned socks & new underwear.

You can drop them off at our distribution site or our main office by appointment only.
Contact Fawn at 575-4494, or

Cash donations also accepted to purchase needed items (e.g. socks, sleeping bags, etc.), or to help pay program costs.
Use PayPal at

Through dedicated volunteers, service providers and homeless advocates, we’ve distributed warm winter gear to programs and agencies serving veterans, families, farm workers, people dealing with mental illness and people in recovery – many living on the streets or in encampments during the rainy season. Items are also distributed at holiday dinners, clinics, hot meal sites, pantries, shelters, churches and day centers.

California Human Development Building
3315 Airway Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 575-4494

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