The Right Story at the Right Time – September 22, 2017

The Right Story at the Right Time, by Marianna deCroes
Occidental Center for the Arts
Sunday, September 24th, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

Occidental Center for the Arts is thrilled to host a Book Launch for Sebastopol author, Marianna deCroes’ book, The Right Story at the Right Time.

Her stories mirror the inner dilemmas, fears, and doubts common to the process of growing up.

This book launch includes a reading from the book and a 90-minute workshop that will teach the practical skills of selecting, learning and telling a story by heart. Participants will walk away with a story they have chosen, learned to tell, and told to others. This book explains how to choose the most appropriate and effective stories to help children overcome specific challenges.

Marianna deCroes began her career as a professional storyteller when she was a teacher in Waldorf schools in America. She told and worked with stories on a daily basis with her students. She found that stories had multiple purposes that include: changing challenging behavior, inspiring students to persevere, strengthening students’ writing skills and vocabulary, and fostering independent thinking and self-confidence.

Following this career she attended the International School of Storytelling in the UK and later taught courses there based on her knowledge of child development. She teaches storytelling workshops for teachers, counselors, parents and child care providers in the UK, Spain, Portugal, India and the US.

Her book, The Right Story at the Right Time: Changing the Lives of Children and Adolescents One Story at a Time, teaches methods for learning a story by heart and offers a plethora of stories by age group and by behavioral issues, that address the challenges of growing up and nurture the imagination.

There will be selected readings, a Q&A, and a 90-minute workshop, followed by book sales and signing.

Refreshments will be offered for sale.

Admission is free. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Occidental Center for the Arts
3850 Doris Murphy Ct.
Occidental, CA 95465
(707) 874-9392

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