On The Banks of the Tigris – October 30, 2017

JCC Sonoma County Film Festival
On the Banks of the Tigris
Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

The JCC Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival is here again for its 22nd year. Join us for a great crop of Jewish themed films from around the world.

Film is a unique art form that brings us experiences from other times and places, otherwise not available to us in such a vivid, immersive and deep way. So let us all soak in the experience, and broaden our horizons together. And most importantly, Enjoy!

The Festival continues with On the Banks of the Tigris.

Discover this hidden story of Iraqi music. Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background, is on a quest to reveal the untold Jewish role in popular Iraqi music. The film follows Majid’s bold journey from Australia to Israel, Europe and Iraq, to meet Iraqi musicians of all faiths – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – and to unite them in a concert where music and culture transcend religion and politics.”

Documentary, Australia, 2015, 79 min. English, Arabic w/ English Subtitles.

Don’t be left wanting more! Join us after the film for a live concert with The Qadim Ensemble, with music from the Middle East, including Iraqi songs.

A reception of Iraqi sweets and mint tea by the Sonoma Wine Shop will follow the concert in the theater lobby.

Underwritten by Marlene and Martin Stein.

$22 General – One show only
This is not part of the season pass package.
Tickets need to be purchased separately.


Rialto Cinemas
6868 McKinley Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 525-4840

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