Snail of Approval – November 27, 2017

Snail of Approval
Slow Food in Sonoma County

Finding Food that is “Good, Clean and Fair”

You’re in Sonoma County and you want to enjoy some of the nation’s best fresh farm-to-table meals. Where do you go to find food that goes beyond good taste? Local Slow Food members have evaluated each establishment to ensure they follow Slow Food’s philosophy of “good, clean and fair” food for all people. If you have a favorite establishment that you believe is making a difference, suggest they apply for a “Snail of Approval.”

What is “Good, Clean, and Fair”?

Slow Food in Sonoma County awards the Snail of Approval to local restaurants, producers and artisans who are making a significant contribution to improving the food system. By celebrating these model providers, Slow Food in Sonoma County highlights the importance of the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean and fair food for all people. Slow Food in Sonoma County is a partnership of two local chapters, Sonoma County North and Russian River.

Good: Food must taste good and be good for us. Quality includes: the freshness and wholesomeness of ingredients; the care and craft with which they are handled; the quality of life of consumers, producers and their neighbors.

Clean: Food is true to its source. Natural products free of additives are true to themselves; local, seasonal foods are true to their time and place; heirloom varietals and heritage breeds are true to their evolutionary history; traditional foods are true to their cultural heritage.

Fair: Attention must be paid to the consequences of how we produce and distribute food. We must be good stewards of the environment in which we live; we must protect the biodiversity on which we depend; we must be humane to the animals we raise, fair to the people we employ, and we must insist that high quality food be available to all.

Areas of focus include:
• Seasonal ingredients or menus
• Local, sustainable product sourcing
• Humane treatment of people and animals
• Investment in fair labor practices
• Green business practices (e.g. composting or recycling)

There’s more information for both eaters and restaurants at:

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