Kinsey Sicks – December 1, 2017

Kinsey Sicks: Things You Shouldn’t Say
Congregation Ner Shalom
Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

Named one of the top ten shows at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and profiled in the October 16, 2017 New Yorker Magazine.

This is the remarkable true story of four friends from San Francisco who had a life-changing epiphany at a Bette Midler concert that led to them to form The Kinsey Sicks in an effort to find joy during the darkest days of the AIDS crisis. Now that the era of Trumpism is upon us, they’re sharing their hilarious, inspiring and at times heartbreaking tale, showing that hatred and deceit can be fought with humor and heart.

Critics have described the show as “powerful,” “provocative,” “delicious,” “subversive,” “hilarious,” “stirring,” “exquisite,” “electric,” “outrageous,” “heartbreaking,” “brave,” “mesmerizing,” “flawless,” “superb,” “incredibly moving,” ”inventively diabolical,” “riotously funny,” “vitally significant,” and “an absolute must watch.” (For more fabulous reviews, go here.)

So come join America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet as they lead us all in resisting these new dark times with laughter, integrity, and heroically high hair in an unforgettable new musical exploring Trumpism, racism, AIDS, extreme macramé, oblong vegetables and, of course, Bette Midler.

(And of course, telling some of Reb Irwin’s previously best kept secrets.)

Note: This show is overflowing with adult content. Discretion advised, in the absence of any at all from the Kinsey Sicks.

$30 General

Congregation Ner Shalom
85 La Plaza
Cotati, CA 94931
(707) 664-8622

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