Replanting Local Native Plants On Your Property – April 18, 2018

Replanting Local Native Plants On Your Property
Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Ongoing recovery efforts

The fires in October 2017 burned large parts of the upper Laguna de Santa Rosa and Sonoma Creek Watersheds altering both our human-made and natural environments.

The Laguna Foundation is working as part of a greater fire recovery collective effort alongside landowners, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, the California Native Plant Society, Milo Baker Chapter, and the Sonoma Resource Conservation District to develop a clearer understanding of the ecological impacts to the land and to help with replanting native species on fire impacted properties.

Our iconic oaks and other native plant species have evolved and adapted to Sonoma County’s unique microclimates over many generations. Growing plants that are naturally adapted to each unique microclimate and area will help ensure that our beloved and ecologically rich landscapes will provide beauty and habitat richness for generations to come. For this reason, we have collected and cataloged more than 350 batches of acorns alone, to capture the genetic diversity and uniqueness of the county.

Acorns are currently available to local landowners who are ready to plant native oaks now. We are propagating a limited supply of oaks and other local native trees and shrubs that will ready to be planted in the Fall of 2018. For those who wish to participate, we will hold neighborhood events, to help demonstrate planting techniques and to answer any questions about growing native plants.

Please fill out our survey to see how the Laguna Foundation or one of our project partners can assist you with the recovery and long term resilience.

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