MuttsUp Canine Rescue – August 6, 2018

Mutts Up
Canine Rescue and Sanctuary

Mutts Up is a 501(c)(3) non-profit canine rescue shelter and sanctuary located in Petaluma, California. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and most Northern and Central California communities.

Nestled on the side of Sonoma Mountain sits our 100 acre rescue ranch. Our ranch provides a safe haven for our rescued dogs. We also utilize an ever evolving network of loving foster homes. Whether at the ranch or with foster parents, our dogs are given an opportunity to decompress and regroup from the traumas of being homeless. While in our care, each animal is provided veterinary care, food, shelter, grooming, training, and as much love as we can possibly give them.

We believe in a cooperative approach to canine rescue. We reach out into our communities for support and in turn we support our communities. Our volunteers are Mutts Up success. Each and every volunteered moment provides our rescued dogs with an opportunity of finding a new and loving home. Mutts Up works very hard to provide our dogs with their second chance to thrive. A home is where the heart is, and where our dogs belong!

To be a volunteer at Mutts Up, one need only have a love for dogs along with a desire to have a positive impact on their lives. We believe that our canine buddies freely give unconditional love and devotion to EVERYONE. Our only expectation is that Mutts Up volunteers will reciprocate in-kind. The result is happy people, happy dogs and one successful rescue organization. We challenge you to open your minds and hearts and complete a volunteer application. You’ll be hearing from us soon!

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Mutts Up
PO Box 750606
Petaluma, CA 94975
(707) 766-6888

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