SHARE Housing Sonoma County (Aired: July 29, 2019)

Home sharing is a relatively new concept here as we search for near term solutions to the scarcity of rental inventory. SHARE Sonoma County is a non-profit partner working hard to create affordable housing for aging seniors. Funding provided by the County of Sonoma is helping SHARE create 2-3 home shares every week. These home-share arrangements typically match a homeowner who has an extra room in his/her home with a tenant who brings additional income to the household.  A second type of home-sharing is for a homeowner who needs assistance to participate in a Service Exchange SHARE. To ensure a good fit for all parties, screening includes background checks and careful evaluation of each potential home share participant.

A recent home share success story includes a lovely woman in her 80s who has lived in a mobile home park in Sebastopol for over 20 years. New owners took over operation of the park and promptly doubled her rent, making it impossible for her to stay. She was matched with a renter facing eviction and through the SHARE arrangement, both women are able to meet their housing needs. Together they made meaningful plans for the holidays and have developed a solid friendship that provides multiple layers of benefit.

Another home share in the making matches a non-driving homeowner, also in her 80s, with a driving tenant. The tenant will have the master bedroom and private bath in exchange for driving and other helpful services as well as a small contribution toward utilities.

If you are interested in sharing your home or need affordable housing and would like more information, call Amy Appleton at SHARE Sonoma County at (707) 766-8800.

411 Russell Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 766-8800

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