Up Street Music Patrons Call for Scholarships (Aired: January 31, 2020)

Up Street Music Patrons
Call for Scholarships

Up Street Music Patrons is a California non-profit corporation who’s stated goal is, “Funding music education, providing musical opportunities to adults and children for personal and cultural enrichment.”

Why music and art matter:
Improves and strengthens social connections
Improves mental health and quality and enjoyment of life
Provides an outlet for creativity and emotions
Improves communication skills
Improves cognitive skills

​Up Street Music Patrons fundraises in order to provide financial aid to students seeking music and theater arts programs, lessons, classes, and instruments.

They produce participatory music opportunities for children and adults.

They encourage collaboration between music and arts organizations in programming and fundraising efforts.

LEARN MORE about their Scholarship programs.

If you would like to donate funds please make your check out to:

“Up Street Music Patrons” and mail to: 569 Jorgensen Street, Cotati, CA 94931

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