Novelist and Particle Physicist Ransom Stephens and His Newest Book, Too Rich To Die on Word by Word – September 8, 2019

Word by Word host, Gil Mansergh, welcomes a return visit with novelist and particle physicist Ransom Stephens and his newest book Too Rich To Die. A fifth generation Californian Ransom tells people “My family insists that “Ransom” is an Irish name, so I went to Ireland and asked around and no one had heard of it… So I don’t know where it came from.”

Word By Word listeners best know Ransom as the Author of a nonfiction book about the neuroscience of innovation in art, science and life called The Left Brain Speaks but the Right Brain Laughs),and four novels including The God Patent, The Sensory Deception, and two others which are part of Ransom’s Times Weaver trilogy which began with the 99% Solution and continues with the book we will chat about today, Too Rich To Die.

(Photo: Ransom Stephens – Courtesy of Author/via Twitter)

Rhys Bowen in Conversation with Gil Mansergh on Word By Word – August 11, 2019

Word By Word host Gil Mansergh suggests that before listening to today’s show, you might like to pack your bags for both your honeymoon and an African Safari. You will soon find out why, because our guest is the New York Times multiple bestseller and winner of over 20 writing awards Rhys Bowen with her latest Royal Spyness book Love and Death Among the Cheetahs.

Our guest originally wrote children’s and young adult books using her married name, before she turned to writing mysteries using her pen name Rhys Bowen. She set her Constable Evans series in North Wales near the Mount Snowdon where she had spent many vacations in her childhood. After visiting Ellis Island the created the spunky Irish lass Molly Murphy whose first book, “Murphy’s Law”, won an Agatha Best Novel award.

Rhys created a second heroine named Lady Georgiana as part of the Her Royal Spyness series. She draws from her life in England to write the series in whichGeorgiana is distantly an heir to the British throne but is flat broke, and trying to make her way through The Great Depression. The series was a bestseller and “Naught In Nice”  won an Agatha Award for Best Historical Mystery.

In Love and Death Among the Cheetahs, just married Georgina new husband surprises her by announcing they are going to spend several honeymoon weeks in far off Kenya.

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(Photo: Janet Quin-Harkin is an author best known for her mystery novels for adults written under the name Rhys Bowen – Courtesy of the author)

Since our Word By Word host, Gil Mansergh is on a tour of Ireland, here’s an encore of his conversation with Elizabeth George – July 14, 2019

Since many Word By Word listeners first encountered Scotland Yard’s dapper Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his down-to-earth partner, Sergeant Barbara Havers on PBS’ British produced Masterpiece Mystery TV shows, they may be surprised to learn that Elizabeth George is an American who lives on picturesque Whidbey Island in Washington state.  In this show,  George introduces us to her 19th book in the Inspector Lynley series, A Matter of Consequences.

Word by Word Welcomes Murder Mystery Writer Cara Black – June 9, 2019

Word by Word listeners (and mystery writers) will enjoy the conversation (and pick up a few writing tips), during Gil Mansergh’s informative conversation with Cara Black, the New York Times bestselling author of 19 Aimee Leduc murder mysteries. Each novel takes place in a different Parisian administrative district. Known as arrondissements, these 22 districts circle outward in a clockwise spiral from the center of Paris. Cara’s newest novel takes place in the 12th district, and we learn how this specific locale prompted her latest mystery, Murder in Bel Air.

NYT Bestselling Historian Julia Flynn Siler Joins Gil Mansergh on Word By Word – May 12, 2019

Word By Word host Gil Mansergh welcomes the NYT bestselling historian Julia Flynn Siler with her newest work, The White Devil’s Daughter.

Subtitled The Women Who Fought Slavery In San Francisco’s Chinatown, the book lays bare the corruption and complicity of the police, judges, landlords, and businessmen who aided and profited by keeping thousands of young Chinese and Japanese women as sexual slaves in San Francisco.

Bestselling Novelist Lisa See – April 14, 2019

Word By Word: Conversations With Writers host, Gil Mansergh is pleased to welcome the return of bestselling novelist Lisa See with her newest tale of strong women surviving against seemingly impossible odds— The Island of Sea Women.

Booklist has called the novel “Stupendous…Mesmerizing,” and this revealing Word-By-Word conversation delves into the complexities surrounding the creation of The Island of Sea Woman—a work which Lisa See proudly proclaims is the “most mature of all my books.”

Biographer Carolyn Burke – March 10, 2019

Paintings, drawings, photographs, moving pictures, poetry, and letters infuse this episode of Word By Word: Conversations With Writers. This is because host Gil Mansergh’s and studio engineer Anthony Garcia’s guest is the respected biographer Carolyn Burke with her latest book Foursome. The four people who burst forth in this volume are photographer Alfred Stieglitz, painter Georgia O’Keefe, movie maker Paul Strand, and writer/painter Rebecca Salsbury.

Gaye LeBaron – February 10, 2019

Word By Word Listeners are due for a special treat treat today, for Gil Mansergh’s  guest is the celebrated local legend Gaye LeBaron in a conversation about her new book entitled:  The Wonder Seekers of Fountaingrove which she co-wrote with Bart Casey.

This amazing—-but-true—tale of  Sonoma County’s premier mystical sexual cult, Fountaingrove, is the century-long saga of three men: New England prophet Thomas Lake Harris, British pilgrim Laurence Oliphant, and Japanese Samurai Kanaya Nagasawa.

By the time LeBaron “semi-retired” in 2001, she had written more than 8,000 columns for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and was considered “the most popular feature in the paper.” Her interview notes and research material are kept as the Gaye LeBaron Special Collection at the Sonoma State University Library.

In addition to her new book, LeBaron co-authored two other books on local history: Santa Rosa: A Nineteenth Century Town, and Santa Rosa: A Twentieth Century Town.  She also taught Sonoma County history at Santa Rosa Junior College and the Lifelong Learning Center at Sonoma State University, and appeared in two videos discussing Sonoma County history that aired on C-Span in 2015. LeBaron continues to share stories with Press Democrat readers in a column that appear two Sundays each month.

Annual Gift Book Suggestions – December 9, 2018

In what has become a Word By Word tradition, your white-bearded Santa, Gil Mansergh, is once again pleased to welcome the book buyers for nine the local Copperfield’s Bookstores, Sheryl Cotleur and Michele Bellah with their carefully considered suggestions for gift books.

Book Buyers play a critical role in a bookstore—because they are the ones who decide what books will be carried on the shelves. As you can imagine, there is a fierce competition between publishers for shelf space, and Michelle and Bellah read hundreds of books each year in their specific areas of interest. Sheryl was a fiction judge for the 2014 National Book Awards and is the Adult Books Buyer for Copperfields, while Bellah selects the children’s books, cookbooks and art & craft books.