Inga Askamit, Catherine Bramkamp, Roger C. Lubeck, Linda Loveland Reid – August 13, 2017

Award winning travel writer, Inga Askamit shares how she created her piece about alfresco theatrics, Transcendant Summer Night.

Catherine Bramkamp chats about being a poetry judge for the anthology, as well as writing her poetic elegy, Wolf House: Jack London State Historic Park

Roger C. Lubeck talks about the seductivness of dancing in a story he calls Crush, and reads his poem, “Valley of the Moon.” In addition, Roger has been assigned the task of “official question answerer” by the anthology’s editor, Robert Digitale.

Word By Word host Gil Mansergh joins the conversation as well, by revealing some of the pitfalls of creating historical nonfiction in his “written in Elizabethan English” piece Exploring the Bay of Nova Albion for Captain Francis Drake.”

Linda Loveland Reid reads from the nonfiction piece that captured Press Democrat columnist Chris Smith’s attention at the Sonoma County Fair, Confessions of a Prune Picker.

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