Edgar Cantero – Aug 8, 2018

On the August, 2018 Word By Word: Conversations With Writers, host, Gil Mansergh welcomes the Barcelona-born NY Times bestselling writer Edgar Cantero with his decidedly different new novel This Body’s Not Big Enough For the Both of Us. Edgar writes short stories, screenplays and novels in three languages (Spanish, Catalan, English) that often include women kissing, things exploding and multiple versions of the same event presented like deconstructed Hollywood gangster films from the 1940’s.

This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us features a unique individual as the hard-nosed private eye called A.Z. Kimrean. But having just one name is inaccurate. The personalities of two twins occupy the same body—Adrian is the male with a high I.Q. and photographic memory, while Zooey is the creative female who plays musical instruments, writes, paints and is a practicing nymphomaniac.

During the show, Gil and Edgar chat about the San Francisco private eye genre, hermaphrodites, desert gangster lairs, nymphomania, wether or not eleven-year-old girls can be femme fatales, the impact velocity of an armor-plated Jaguar sedan, and the course of true love—all of which can be explored more completely in the pages of Edgar Cantero’s new novel.

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