Novelist and Particle Physicist Ransom Stephens and His Newest Book, Too Rich To Die on Word by Word – September 8, 2019

Word by Word host, Gil Mansergh, welcomes a return visit with novelist and particle physicist Ransom Stephens and his newest book Too Rich To Die. A fifth generation Californian Ransom tells people “My family insists that “Ransom” is an Irish name, so I went to Ireland and asked around and no one had heard of it… So I don’t know where it came from.”

Word By Word listeners best know Ransom as the Author of a nonfiction book about the neuroscience of innovation in art, science and life called The Left Brain Speaks but the Right Brain Laughs),and four novels including The God Patent, The Sensory Deception, and two others which are part of Ransom’s Times Weaver trilogy which began with the 99% Solution and continues with the book we will chat about today, Too Rich To Die.

(Photo: Ransom Stephens – Courtesy of Author/via Twitter)

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