January 2, 2013 – Quest of the Warrior Maiden

Linda C. McCabe’s historical novel Quest of the Warrior Maiden propels an entertaining conversation filled with blood, lust, fantastic adventure, and chivalrous romance. Linda and host Gil Mansergh gab about those thrilling days of yesteryear when Charlemagne battled Saracen armies, sword-wielding knights Bradamante and Ruggiero fell in love at first sight, hippogriffs swooped in to […]

December 5, 2012 – Broadcast Guide to Gift Books

Word By Word welcomes the holidays with its traditional “Broadcast Guide to Gift Books” program this month, when a pair of experts from Copperfield’s Bookstore share their picks for the best of the best books for holiday gifting with program host Gil Mansergh. Sheryle Cotier shares some of her favorite books for grown ups, including […]