Annual Gift Book Suggestions – December 9, 2018

In what has become a Word By Word tradition, your white-bearded Santa, Gil Mansergh, is once again pleased to welcome the book buyers for nine the local Copperfield’s Bookstores, Sheryl Cotleur and Michele Bellah with their carefully considered suggestions for gift books.

Book Buyers play a critical role in a bookstore—because they are the ones who decide what books will be carried on the shelves. As you can imagine, there is a fierce competition between publishers for shelf space, and Michelle and Bellah read hundreds of books each year in their specific areas of interest. Sheryl was a fiction judge for the 2014 National Book Awards and is the Adult Books Buyer for Copperfields, while Bellah selects the children’s books, cookbooks and art & craft books.

Mary’s Italian Family Cookbook – November 11, 2018

Gil Mansergh hosts a very tasty Word By Word conversation this month. Tasty, because it features an insider’s look at the newly released Mary’s Italian Family Cookbook.

This book is testament to the talent and tenacity of the woman who started it all—Mary Fazio, who, in 1959 (at the age of 46), used her $700 life savings to open the original Mary’s Pizza Shack in Boyes Hot Springs, CA—a Sonoma County-based business that has 17 Mary’s Pizza restaurants today

Gathered around the table with Gil are Mary’s son Toto Albano, granddaughter Terri Williamson and grandson-in-law Cully Williamson. The book’s marketing group manager (and former Mary’s Pizza Shack waitress), Laura DiPietro offers insights on how the book was put together.

“After the Fires Are Out” Anniversary Show – October 14, 2018

It is just over a year since the night of Sunday, October 9th 2017, when nearly 111,000 acres and nearly 6,000 homes in the Napa/Sonoma wine country were incinerated by unstoppable flames.

Word By Word host Gil Mansergh marks this occasion by reprising the “After the Fires Are Out” show originally broadcast of November 12, 2017. Gil has added a new ending to todays show by, providing updates on how our fire-impacted Word By Word writers are today.

Suzanna Solomon & Cathy Zane – September 9, 2018

Word By Word host Gil Mansergh has a spirited conversation with two multi-talented women who worked full time when they wrote their novels about women escaping abusive relationships. Electrical Engineer Suzanna Solomon’s book Montana Rhapsody features a pole-dancer who escapes an assault by three men by stabbing one with the stiletto heel of her shoe and blinding the other two with a can of hairspray. Former Labor and Delivery Nurse and current Psychotherapist Cathy Zane’s book Better Than This features a woman with an older, controlling husband and a past she’s tried to forget.

Bonnie Monte & Francine Falk-Allen – July 9, 2018

Gil Mansergh’s Word By Word guests for July are a pair of Marin County writers with books on decidedly different topics. Bonnie Monte’s The Sleeping Lady is a modern, cozy mystery novel set in the shadow of Mt. Tamalpais, and Francine Falk-Allen, who contracted polio when she was three, presents Not A Poster Child which is, as she writes, “a memoir of life as a handicapped person trying to be a normie.”

Edgar Cantero – Aug 8, 2018

On the August, 2018 Word By Word: Conversations With Writers, host, Gil Mansergh welcomes the Barcelona-born NY Times bestselling writer Edgar Cantero with his decidedly different new novel This Body’s Not Big Enough For the Both of Us. Edgar writes short stories, screenplays and novels in three languages (Spanish, Catalan, English) that often include women kissing, things exploding and multiple versions of the same event presented like deconstructed Hollywood gangster films from the 1940’s.

This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us features a unique individual as the hard-nosed private eye called A.Z. Kimrean. But having just one name is inaccurate. The personalities of two twins occupy the same body—Adrian is the male with a high I.Q. and photographic memory, while Zooey is the creative female who plays musical instruments, writes, paints and is a practicing nymphomaniac.

During the show, Gil and Edgar chat about the San Francisco private eye genre, hermaphrodites, desert gangster lairs, nymphomania, wether or not eleven-year-old girls can be femme fatales, the impact velocity of an armor-plated Jaguar sedan, and the course of true love—all of which can be explored more completely in the pages of Edgar Cantero’s new novel.

Christie Nelson & Jeb Harrison – June 17, 2018

Word By Word: Conversations With Writers host Gil Mansergh’s June conversation is with two multi-talented Marin County novelists: Christie Nelson, and her latest historical novel, Beautiful Illusion: Treasure Island, 1939 a tale of a plucky female reporter, a dwarf anthropologist, and a Japanese diplomat and dangerous deceit at the Golden Gate International Exposition held in the middle of San Francisco Bay; and Jeb Harrison, with his picaresque family saga, The Healing of Howard Brown which begins with a middle-aged man vowing to fulfill his dying father’s final wish, “Find your sister!”

Michael Shapiro & Eric Mcintyre – May 13, 2018

Word By Word: Conversations With Writers host Gil Mansergh likes to present writers from different genres, today’s show features valuable insider perspectives on creating documentaries from filmmakers Michael Shapiro & Eric Mcintyre—the co-directors of Junkyard Alchemist, a celebrated short film featuring Sebastopol’s internationally acclaimed junk artists, Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent.

Greg Sarris – April 8, 2018

Gil Mansergh hosts a very special Word By Word: Conversations With Writers broadcast on North Bay Public Media, KRCB-FM. That is because the conversation is with the award-winning professor, novelist, screenwriter, historian and storyteller Greg Sarris and his new collection of Miwok stories entitled How the Mountain Was Made.

Greg is also serving his thirteenth term as Chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria and explains, “The Miwok people’s most important contribution to Sonoma County
is our Creation Myths, yet they are known by very few people. For example, it is said that Coyote was sitting atop Sonoma Mountain when he decided to create the world and people. As a storyteller, my task is to reimagine and share these tales with my neighbors.”

Rebecca Rosenberg – March 11, 2018

Word By Word host Gil Mansergh welcomes listeners to a time of trysts and love nests on this month’s show. The object of desire is Jack London’s wife Charmian. Her story is shared with the world in Rebecca Rosenberg’s novel, The Secret Life of Mrs. London.

A familiar guest on Word By Word, Rebecca is the author of the photo book Lavender Fields of America, and historical novels about strong women including the forthcoming books in her Widows of Champagne series. Living on the border of the London’s famed “Beauty Ranch” (now Jack London State Park), sadly, she shares share another affinity with the Londons. Just like Jack and Charmian lost their under-construction home Wolf House to fire, Rebecca and her husband lost their home and lavender fields in the October firestorm that ravaged Sonoma County.