“What Are They Up To Now?” – August 9, 2015

This month, it’s a news-worthy “What Are They Up To Now?” version of Word By Word, Conversations With Writers, as host Gil Mansergh reprises conversations with guests who are in the news. Late breaking new stories includes the just-released movie starring Billy Cruddup playing Stanford psychologist emeritus Philip Zimbardo, and new books and honors for Word By Word guests Adam Johnson, Steve Hockensmith, Amanda McTigue, Matthew Pearl, Joan Price and YiYun Li.

Jessica Jackley; Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey – July 12, 2015

Listeners to Word By Word: Conversations With Writers host Gil Mansergh wants listeners to know they have a great opportunity to hear two conversations with award-winning advocates for radical forms of entrepreneurism on July’s show.

“Find your voice,” says KIVA co-founder Jessica Jackley. “This means expressing something about you and what you believe. It is the first step toward doing valuable action in the world.” While her micro-lending organization continues to change the face of poverty across the globe, this social entrepreneur with a Stanford MBA has also started ProFounder to help U.S. startups through crowd funding, and is a venture partner at the Collaborative Fund. Her new book is Clay Water, Brick: Finding Inspiration From Entrepreneurs Who Do the Most With the Least.

“Listen carefully and learn from what your customers tell you,” says Barefoot Wines co-founders Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey when they talk with many of the same audiences as Jessica Jackley to share the practical yet universal lessons they learned while developing America’s best-selling wine brand.Their books are The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand, and The Entreprenurial Culture: 23 Ways to Engage and Empower You People.

David Dodd – June 14, 2015

Gil Mansergh hosts a special Grateful Dead version of Word By Word Conversations With Writers on North Bay Public Media KRCB-FM. His guest is librarian and cultural historian David Dodd, author of a massive book with the rather long title: The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics: The Collected Lyrics of Robert Hunter and John Barlow, Lyrics to All Original Songs With Selected Traditional and Cover Songs.

In addition to being a Dead Head, David is also the Collections Manager for the Sonoma County Library System and is especially interested in identifying and collecting the work of Sonoma County writers, musicians and visual artists.

The conversation is enhanced with snippets of music from some of David’s favorite songs and tales of the Dead to which “only David Dodd has approved access.”

10-minute Play Contest Winners – May 10, 2015

This month’s Word By Word:Conversations With Writers is one of the show’s signature round-table discussions where four guests share microphones, and host Gil Mansergh tries to make sure listeners know whose voice is filling the airwaves.

This conversation is even more fun than usual, because the room is populated by four of the six prize-winning playwrights from the 6th Street Theater’s and Redwood Writers New Voices on the Vine Wine Country Play Festival. Which runs from May 21st to 31st at the 6th Street Playhouse.

Their names and plays are:

Malaaana Eljunmaily (The Call)

Scott Lummer (Love Her Madly)

Lynn Millar (Crossed Connections)

And a certain radio show host named Gil Mansergh (Felix the Cat and the Real Estate Guy)

Joining them is Lenni Dean the Festival Director and 6th Street Playhouse Education Coordinator.

Alexander McCall Smith – April 26, 2015

Internationally beloved bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith calls his hour-long chat with Word By Word host Gil Mansergh “something quite extraordinary…a real conversation.” The creator of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency has over 100 titles in print. A fabled raconteur, McCall-Smith shares anecdotes and advice for other writers while reading selected passages from his latest challenge – the updating of a classic Jane Austen novel in Emma: A Modern Retelling.

Laurie R. King – March 8, 2015

This month, Word By Word host Gil Mansergh has a sparkling conversation with Laurie R. King, the winner of the John Creasy Memorial Award for The Beekeeper’s Apprentice – the first of a dozen historical mysteries featuring Mary Russell and her mentor (and eventual husband) Sherlock Holmes.

Laurie R. King was inducted into the prestigious Sherlock Holmes literary society, “The Baker Street Irregulars” in 2010. Her newest mystery novel, Dreaming Spies, debuted this week on The New York Times bestseller list.

Susan Pease Gadoua and Vicki Larson – February 8, 2015

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, KRCB-FM’s Word By Word: Conversations With Writers host Gil Mansergh invited the North Bay thearapist and bestselling author Susan Pease Gadoua and award-winning journalist Vicki Larson to help us reconsider our thoughts about love and marriage with their groundbreaking book, The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels.

Waights Taylor, Jr. – January 11, 2015

January’s Word By Word: Conversation With Writers broadcast is a special tie-in with the Martin Luther King holiday. Host Gil Mansergh welcomes Birmingham, Alabama-born writer Waights Taylor Jr. and his award-winning historical memoir, Our Southern Home: Scottsboro to Montgomery to Birmingham–The Transformation of the South in the Twentieth Century. Waight’s newest book is the first of a mystery series set in the segregated South in the middle of the Twentieth Century. Featuring the “White” homicide detective Joe McGrath and the “Black” private eye, Sam Rucker, it is called Kiss of Salvation.

Holiday Gift Books – December 14, 2014

Continuing an annual tradition, the 2014 holiday gift books edition of Word By Word: Conversations With Writers on North Bay Public Media, KRCB-FM. host Gil Mansergh welcomes back the book buyers from the local Copperfield’s Bookstores, Sheryl Cotleur and Michelle Bellah with their always challenging task of choosing which books to talk about when they only have an hour to do it.

We are doubly pleased this year, because Sheryl served as one of the judges for the 2014 National Book Award for Fiction, and she gives us an insider’s peek at that process and the panel’s final selection, Philip Klay’s novel Redeployment.

In addition to fiction, we hear selective ideas for exceptional coffee-table books, nonfiction books, biographies, resource books, cookbooks, and how-to-do-it books, as well as books for young adults and children. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but Bellah (as she likes to be called), Gil and Sheryl approach the task with joy and happiness.

Susan Bono – November 9, 2014

Word By Word Host Gil Mansergh has a conversation with the celebrated writer, teacher, and Tiny Lights Journal editor and publisher, Susan Bono as she shares some of her personal narratives from her new book , What Have We Here: Essays about Keeping House and Finding Home.