“Venus In Fur,” “My Fair Lady” – May 18, 2016

“Battle of the sexes.” That phrase dates back to at least 1914, when the notorious filmmaker D.W. Griffith (he of “Birth of a Nation”) released a blatantly sexist film with that title. “Battle of the Sexes.” Over the years, what that phrase means and how that particular battle is fought, has vastly evolved. Consider, for […]

“Treasure Island,” “Little Mermaid” – May 11, 2016

One recently-opened Bay Area stage show takes place under the Sea, where fish creatures dwell, another takes place on the Sea, where dangerous men scheme and battle for buried gold. One show features fish on roller skates; the other presents pirates and parrots. Both have singing and dancing—though only one is a musical. One is […]

“Twelfth Night” – May 4, 2016

For several years, the lack of strong roles for women has been the talk of the theater world, lighting up blogs and theater-related websites. With the problem so prominently under discussion these days, Santa Rosa Junior College’s currently running production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ is eye-opening, to say the least. Marking the 400th anniversary […]