Museums of Sonoma County – July 25, 2018

Museums of Sonoma County
Time & Place: Human Impact and our Changing Environment
May 1st – September 23rd, 2018

Featured artists: Kim Anno, Donna Brookman, Lewis deSoto, Andrew Moore

Curated by: Jeff Nathanson

Time & Place is an exhibition about the natural and built environments, human impact, and how a place changes over time.

This is a particularly poignant time to be contemplating these thoughts. The Sonoma and Napa County communities of the North Bay were devastated recently by wildfires that blazed out of control for days. Hurricanes caused massive destruction in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. And, major earthquakes caused incredible damage and loss of life in Mexico.

These are major natural disasters that happened just within the past year, but the pattern is clearly identified by climate experts – global temperatures are rising and weather patterns are changing more rapidly than in any time in recorded history. The reason for this is hotly debated in the political arena, but this project was developed with the understanding that the climate change we are experiencing is caused by the decisions and actions of people living on this planet.

It is also because of decisions and actions that our region of Sonoma County has experienced a major housing crisis, resulting in escalating property values and unprecedented problem with homelessness.

Time & Place attempts to place these challenges in a larger global context. The artists were selected to represent various perspectives on the urban environment, the natural environment and how our decisions, actions, and inactions contribute to change, both positive and negative.

This exhibition is presented with generous support by Eric & Debbie Green, Marc & Jeanie Kahn, and Steven & Nancy Oliver.

Upcoming Programs:
Conversation With Kim Anno and Lewis deSoto
Thursday, July 26th @ 7:30pm (Doors Open at 6pm)

Conversation With the Art Curator
Thursday, August 2nd @ 7:00pm (Doors Open at 6:30pm)

$10 Adults
$7 Seniors, Students, Disabled

Children 12 & Under FREE
Museum Members FREE

Art Museum of Sonoma County &
History Museum of Sonoma County
425 Seventh Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 579-1500

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