Saving Marin and Sonoma's Open Space

KRCB TV, Channel 22, the PBS affiliate for Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties, has embarked on a very important project to chronicle what may be the Bay Area’s most important legacy. Moments in Time is a public television documentary about the little known fight and ongoing efforts to save and preserve the open spaces, farmlands, and unspoiled coastline of Marin and Sonoma Counties.

This important documentary, which will be presented nationally on PBS stations, is based on the books of naturalist John Hart, The Wilderness Next Door and Farming on the Edge, and conservationist Dr. Martin Griffin, The Saving of Marin and Sonoma Coasts. The story will serve the entire nation as a model of environmental preservation, stewardship of the land, and the rebirth of our agricultural heritage.

KRCB is actively soliciting individuals and organizations to help fund this important project. The first phase will include research, securing rights, scriptwriting, initial interviews, and a short video presentation of the film’s highlights to assist in securing full production funding. This is in preparation for the filming and production of the entire documentary.

Additionally, KRCB invites you to share your individual parts of this larger story with us. We will be happy to forward your stories to our producers. The successful completion of this project will, of necessity, bring to light the efforts of many dedicated people and remind us all just how close we came to losing these treasures to unfettered development and sprawl. Please join KRCB and help tell this pivotal story.

Contact Nancy Dobbs , KRCB Program Development Executive, at 707.584.2000,
800.287.2722, or

Photography ©Art Rogers/Point Reyes, California