Elaine Khosrova, Barbara Doud Wright – January 1, 2017

This edition A Novel Idea with Suzanne Lang features two authors who go deep into our cultural histories and help us understand where we’ve come from and where we are through some darn good story telling.

Elaine Khosrova has written a book about Butter, and not just on how to make a good hollandaise sauce. Butter is one of our oldest foods and she describes for us the wonder to the palette of yak butter made in the old ways, along with the role butter has played spiritually, medicinally, and as an important food, for thousands of years.

Barabara Doud Wright, whose deep family history inspired An Awakening Heart a fictional retelling of the Moravian Brethren who settled this continent at a most formative time in our nation’s history, has just published An Irish Tale, inspired by her Irish roots on the other side of the family. It’s a lyrical imagining of the young life of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the Pagan woman who loved and healed him.

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