What’s Killing Vapers? – November 27, 2019

Every day, we learn more details about what’s killing people who vape black market products. Most think they’re vaping T-H-C, but instead they’re inhaling deadly chemicals. David Downs is California Editor at Leafly dot com, a cannabis news outlet. He spoke with KRCB news director Steve Mencher about the crisis. This interview is part of […]

“Two-Spirit Pow Wow” Gives You an Inside Look at an LGBT Native American Pow Wow – November 14, 2019

The Documentary Two-Spirit Pow Wow is the first full-length film to give an inside look at an LGBT-hosted Native American Pow Wow. In his film, Rick Bacigalupi follows the development of the first LGBT Native American pow wow in the United States. Thousands travel from across the region to attend this annual gathering in San […]

The Kincade Fire and the Russian River. Should We Be Concerned? – November 13, 2019

Following the Tubbs fire in 2017, concerns about water in Fountaingrove delayed rebuilding. This year’s Kincade fire will also affect local water supplies. The Russian River provides water to more than 600,000 local residents; close to a million visitors use the river for recreation in the summer. Reporter Pamela Lorence visited Healdsburg last week to […]

“Men Caring” is a Documentary About Adults with Disabilities and Their Caregivers – November 5, 2019

Documentary filmmaker Bill Chayes wanted to make a film about autism from a perspective that is typically ignored in documentaries. In his film, Men Caring, Bill Chayes breaks down stereotypes about adults living with disabilities and their caregivers. One of the stereotypes he addresses is that caregivers are all female. Reporter Adia White talked with […]